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My book
Asynchronous Exchange: The End of Capitalism
© 2022, Anders Baerbock
will hit the printing press this summer. :-)

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If the russian people had any connection with humankind or any sense of humanity, they would have massively rallied against the russian state and against the war.
The events of these last days once again show that the russian people are just a bunch of fascists.

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The best thing that can do Mesoamerican and South American countries is to change of language. This would help for getting rid of both spaniards and the spanish third-world culture.
Pick a nice modern language, or develop an own, and use it.

The US political culture keeps well below the standard. The last two presidents consistently deliver speeches which some spoiled teenager could have written.

Political maturity does not come with age, ask Biden and Trump.

«Finland and Sweden’s application for NATO membership, for example, was a clear political defeat for Putin, who claimed he launched his invasion of Ukraine to prevent further NATO enlargement.»
Excellent point by Mr. Kuleba.

If actually the fascist russians were attempting to prevent the expansion of NATO because they considered it so dangerous, then they would have invaded Finland, not Ukraine. In contrast with Ukraine, Finland openly collaborated with and always had the doors wide open to join NATO; moreover, the Finnish border is just a few kilometers away from Russia's second city in importance (St. Petersburg), and thus any NATO missile placed in the Finnish border poses a much higher threat to Russia.

From time to time is best to say the obvious:
The imperial war of the fascist russians against Ukraine will only end when the Ukrainians recover ALL their territory.

Any fake «peace» or detente which involves fascist russians remaining within Ukrainian territory will be just a pause for the russian imperial campaign.

The fascist russians understand only force, and nothing more.

Like the Nazis did during World War II, the russian fascists eagerly occupy the homes of the ones who fled or the russian fascists themselves killed.

I'm guessing that, since the russian fascists are so poor and eager to steal, they will be using the stolen furniture within those homes —beds, tables, chairs, etc. Will the russian fascists also use the clothing and shoes which the true owners of those homes left behind?

Hey Johannes Yrttiaho, the massive flux of illegal aliens through the southern US border is the result of having a failed country as neighbor. In comparison, the Finnish wall would be, first of all, to counter and contain any sort of «hybrid» aggression like the one recently organized by the fascist Belarusian regime.

And, even in the case of massive pacific illegal immigration, having a wall or fence helps to, at least, make more manageable the work of the border officers.

By the way, remove the name of the idiotic Donald Trump from the equation; as his imbecility may produce a bias in your assessment of the wall.

I completely agree with Mr. Kuleba.
«Calls to avoid humiliation of Russia can only humiliate France and every other country that would call for it. Because it is Russia that humiliates itself. We all better focus on how to put Russia in its place. This will bring peace and save lives.»

The fascist russians must never obtain any piece of land from Ukraine. But hey, Henry Kissinger just reminded everybody that he stands with fascism, that he wants to see failed democracies doing business as usual with the openly fascist Russia.

There's no need to keep statues and monuments of any colonial past. Those colonial statues and monuments should be completely demolished in democratic countries, and their place occupied by new ones which enshrine independence and democracy.

The new generations can learn about the past in history books, and by watching the new monuments which should have an accompanying description carved in stone.

The eastern front of World War II must be explained in terms of the confrontation between two fascist countries: Nazi Germany vs Soviet Russia. The russians are still a bunch of fascists, as always.

The Google corporation is both the flagship of the «soft» US imperialism, and an outstanding ally of fascist groups; just a few examples of the latter:
1. Videos of forced «confessions» of belarusian political prisoners in Youtube, supposedly hired as advertisements without the company noticing, notwithstanding that the belarusian democratic groups quickly denounced those.
2. Just today I saw a nazi swastika full-size in google ads. Even the most primitive software for the prevention of extremism would have detected it.
3. The active promotion of a pro-russian narrative geared towards some segments of viewers in Youtube.

These are *not* mistakes from Google, but a deliberated pro-fascist policy.

My book
Asynchronous Exchange: The End of Capitalism
© 2022, Anders Baerbock
will hit the printing press this summer. :-)

Seriously, dragging a colonial culture during *two centuries* after the corresponding national independences is NOT cool, shouldn't have happened at all.

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Makes the point that the UN's Genocide Convention needs urgent reform.
For example, according to the Convention's text, the perpetrators of a Death March could just say that they were «dispersing the group».

Likewise, the fascist russians could say that kidnapping ukrainians and dropping them thousands of kilometers away from their homes within fascist Russia without money and without ID papers is also for «dispersing the group».

Targeting members of political groups for destruction is also NOT covered by the Convention!
Thus, according to the flawed text, systematically murdering political activists and kidnapping their children for «reeducation» does not amount to genocide.

In times of Stalin the russian fascists said the victims of the genocide were «bourgeoisie nationalists», in times of Putin the russian fascists say the victims of the genocide are «neo-nazi nationalists». In both cases the aim of the russian fascists consists in murdering or otherwise destroying the non-fascist population: the people that does not want to obey russian orders.

Thus, I want to remind everybody what I wrote 2 years ago about the Saint Petersburg Hive:
Every time the russian border expands, the humans captured in the process result under the attack of the ant hive, and soon or later at risk of termination.

The russian mobile crematoriums in Mariupol are the new Hitler's Ovens.

So the russian fascists are just shuffling their initial agenda, while keeping the same ultimate goal.

Now the question is: how many russian fascists the ukrainian soldiers and citizens must destroy for the russians to accept defeat?

After Ukraine secures its independence and territorial integrity, the international community can help the Ukrainian state to launch social programs aimed to foster a productive living in an inclusive world, especially for those who fought bravely and got their souls much battle-hardened.

*soul: a person's total self.

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