Getting my schedule together. got to get a grip on things before I get lazy again

This seems like a strange plave to be selling roofs

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Yeah man if you ain't breeding anyways, might as well get a companion

Youtube really wants me to listen to Indonesians. Guess I'll just put that in my schedule of things to learn

I just want to make a good tuna salad. is that so hard me?!

One day I'll be able to just sleep through a day of work and not get in trouble

Fallen back into my game addiction. Damn music!
At least the chocobo I'm raising is cute

我的今天不好, 恨死了! 还有四十三分就下班。 我只想吃晚饭。

Losing my plague weight has been pretty slow.

我累死了! 还有三十分就下班。

I'm looking forward to a day when my dumb ass doesn't have to be dragged into debates about shit I don't know about.

Switching to learning traditional Chinese characters as been more stressful than anything in my formal education.

I'm tired of hearing about how pure, and perfect animals are. They suck

I wonder everyday if my cats feels bad when I whisper awful things to them.


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