[World] Chinese police leak reveals human cost of Uyghur incarceration w.st/jkJ7t

[World] Ukraine war: Put values over profits, Nato chief tells countries w.st/FsKQ4

[Business] Putin weaponising Ukraine’s crops, says Polish PM w.st/JamFm

[World] Israel says Hamas plot to kill prominent politician in Jerusalem thwarted w.st/FzRo3

[World] Deepfake of murdered teen created to aid cold case w.st/szPbf

[World] Executions spiked in Iran in Saudi Arabia in 2021 - Amnesty w.st/XlWpv

[World] Ukraine war: Russia's jailed Navalny attacks invasion as judge rejects appeal w.st/CfXaH

[World] Coronavirus: Argentine President Fernández pays 'fine' over lockdown party w.st/IiP3C

[World] Luc Besson: French director cleared of rape charges by Paris court w.st/FJl51

[World] Erdogan blanks Greek prime minister over US remarks w.st/AEZ4y

[Uk] The changing face of the North Sea oil industry w.st/lYh7A

[Business] Cost of living: Rise in food export curbs sparks concerns w.st/fHLBs

[World] Quad Summit: World faces 'dark hour' with Ukraine war, says Biden w.st/n00lI

[World] Quad: The China factor at the heart of the summit w.st/fNGZs

[Uk] Unilateral action on NI 'will not work', US warns w.st/KIKRm

[Business] Airbnb to quit China as lockdowns restrict tourism w.st/CMGD4

[World] Iran building collapse: 10-storey building in ruins w.st/cFjde

[World] From Afghanistan's finance minister to cab driver in the US w.st/s7PYr

[World] Heard's team change course on Johnny Depp testimony w.st/pVtxe

[World] Southern Baptist Convention vilified sex abuse survivors - report w.st/Ky3b4

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