The next frontier in the tech battle between the US and China

Gangs gain the upper hand in war with Haitian police

Toni Minichiello, former coach of Olympic gold medalist, handed lifetime ban

Kenyans have cast their ballots for a new leader in a race that's too close to call

Shanghai factory upgrade slashed Tesla's China sales last month

German diplomat arrested in Brazil for alleged murder of husband

Three Palestinians killed as Israel launches new raid against suspected militants in the West Bank

Chile seeks to sanction those responsible for sinkhole near copper mine

It's official: now avoid credit card interest into 2024

Senior leader of Pakistani Taliban killed in IED attack, sources say

Unexploded WWII bomb revealed in Italy's dried-up Po River

British boy dies after life support stopped at end of long legal battle between his parents and doctors

This small Japanese town is a vintage vending machine paradise

EU official: Final text to revive Iran deal is ready

Netflix is not in deep trouble. It's becoming a media company

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