Very compelling statement... Wonder how it will work in practice for Twitter.

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A lefty I know is convinced mass death of unvaxxed people is going to happen. I think he's going to be disappointed when that doesn't happen but I find it interesting the most extreme opinions from the left and the right are both that the other side will suffer mass death for opposite reasons. Left claims it will be a new variant killing unvaxxed and the right think the vaccine will cause it. I think both beliefs are way off.

There's no way this opinion wasn't crafted with emotion heatmap software or something. Someone wanted it to be this way. The discourse went down the drain so quickly it's suspicious.

So the new SARS-CoV variant that can potentially bypass injections, monoclonal antibodies is here, just on time for the anti-lockdown/mandate Christmas manifestations, what a lovely treat!

Cant wait for the advent surprises, specially the ones from Pfizer and maybe some "according to data, science based, refurbished measures" from your "local managerial association"...

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old Cyberdemon:
- absolutely jacked
- overdosing on the highest quality growth hormone available in hades
- healthy bronzed skin from sunbathing in Hell
- literal goat legs
- exposed guts and wires to intimidate his foes

modern Cuckdemon:
- wearing a vest so nobody will notice his shitty physique
- pale fleshy skin tone that draws no dimes
- completely lacking in goat legs
- hunched gamer shoulders
- no exposed guts because "uh.. i need those to live.."
- has to scream to get attention because nobody takes him seriously as a main eventer

With the Rittenhouse case done, the right has a new icon, the left got a butthurt case about a kid that wasn't incarcerated for life, but... Is anyone concerned about surveillance drones, political polarisation of public affairs, unethical prosecutions, technological illiteracy from individuals with influence, corporate media narratives?
The reason this happens all time is nothing but the government's lack of capacity to govern mixed with the people's rage against powerless individuals that can't change anything about their social grievances!

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The absolute worst thing a human can do is spitefully wish for their betters to fail. This is the lowest a man can sink.
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