When your lunar expedition gets delayed but you already suited up.

Google, please spare us...
We all know that,
Darth Schwab is building influence at Davos so he can crush the republic and rule ze Galaxy, ja!

COVID measures, a thoroughly examined protocol that aims to protect the populations from harm!

China seems like a great place for all the westerners that enjoy the current measures and fantasize about harsher restrictions for anyone who isn't thrilled to comply.
Now, is there any considerable number of westerners trying to move there?


Many cultures eat bugs already you bigot! Oh, sorry, I meant racist! White supremacist? Just eat the god damn insects already!!!

How many of you are eager to add these little buddies to your diet?

What happened during this year that managed to propel such a deep change within the EU?

As more uncertainty builds around the injection's safety and efficacy government's in the west seem to be doubling down on enforcing it!

On which stage off flattening the curve are we now?

Very compelling statement... Wonder how it will work in practice for Twitter.

With the Rittenhouse case done, the right has a new icon, the left got a butthurt case about a kid that wasn't incarcerated for life, but... Is anyone concerned about surveillance drones, political polarisation of public affairs, unethical prosecutions, technological illiteracy from individuals with influence, corporate media narratives?
The reason this happens all time is nothing but the government's lack of capacity to govern mixed with the people's rage against powerless individuals that can't change anything about their social grievances!


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