@grey Colleague got both shots, with a myocarditis bonus on the second dose, 2 months later got COVID and infected her family, now is stressed to get the booster and vaccinate the children whom just recovered from it.

When your lunar expedition gets delayed but you already suited up.

Google, please spare us...
We all know that,
Darth Schwab is building influence at Davos so he can crush the republic and rule ze Galaxy, ja!

Not all that stands the test of time is virtuous, yet virtue cannot be reached without many seasons.

COVID measures, a thoroughly examined protocol that aims to protect the populations from harm!

"Conspiracy theory" is the trendy dismissal of an argument to which an individual has neither the capacity nor the desire to explore due to a conflict of interest.

Everything we see online is decided by platforms' algorithms.

These algorithms promote extreme and fringe views (antivax, conspiracy, hate) in a quest for clicks.

We want to #FixTheDSA & give users a right to a timeline without #AlgorithmicManipulation.

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If Meaning could be easily developed by the individual, the process wouldn't be so promptly outsourced to the cheapest subscription provider!

Why to left leaning people insist on being right all the time? Hypocrites!

@stux same, but I tend to have more BC nostalgia, the heavy focus on CC, heroics felt very challenging, the alien nature of the region and ofc the flying mount introduction and designs, superb!

Why most things are labelled as alt-right online and by the mainstream media?

Could it possible be that Omicron was developed as a counter to Delta in an attempt to inoculate people at a lower hospitalization risk, or is it too far-fetched?

NEW - Associated Press: No more stories focused solely on a particular country or state setting a one-day record for number of cases, because that claim has become unreliable.


@stux That should only work until WotLK, is there any other expansion people are passionate about?

Even though not a universal truth, shouldn't the conscient individual be free to choose between the abstraction of Meaning and the empirical capital?

Or is there no choice at all, and both are so obscenely twisted that is virtually impossible to tell them apart?

How can then success be extracted for posterior evaluation without the empirical data to justify the science?

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