First post ever on any traditional social media platform. I can come up with some rare jabs, my favorite thing ever right now is my New 3DS from Japan, and I'm a male. Here's hoping to meeting some good people 'round these parts.

When I say "traditional social media" I mean scrolling through a timeline type deal seeing post by post, where searching for specific content isn't used more than just scrolling.

@Dunkin I'm considering getting a new 3DS so many shops still carry it, shame the price isn't really coming down that much.

@Cybermunk I found mine for $120. It was advertised as having start and select buttons that didn't work, but I was suspicious of that and bought it because it was in near perfect condition. It turns out they did work, but if they didn't, I was willing to make some repairs.

If you are considering getting a New 3DS, I would highly, HIGHLY recommend the smaller one, the XL has just been too big in my experience.

Also, don't buy for over $200. Wait for a good deal that ships within your country if you can. Don't bother looking for one i person, either. The 3DS has been discontinued for awhile now.

@Dunkin Thank you for the times, I still have my 3DS XL in working order so I'm not in a hurry to get the new 3DS.

You recommend the regular one because of how uncomfortable it gets to hold after an hour or so?

Or the quality suffers on a larger screen due to resolution?

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