As much as i watch gore and watch the world burn I still believe a utopia exists. Its not a perfect society which might go against the definition of the word but it exists. I definitely don't see this utopia becoming a thing until we modify the parts of the brain that make humans do so many conflicts that are just unneeded.

ok going to "try" to get into learning japanese again. first time i was smashing it. doing my anki decks everyday, doing my pimsluer lesson everyday, consuming japanese media. going to set an alarm on my calander and my phone for 12:00. my japanese learning will consist off in this order.
1. doing my pimsuer lesson daily.
2. doing my anki decks
3. consume at least one piece of japanese media.
hopefully by saying it publicly i will make it a habit but that was failed 2 times so i doubt that would work. i am learning japanese just because. ok going to start now. D1

event on my discord server. 23th & 24th (CDT) 2PM-9PM. so ye come join us. we'll be watching kakegurui.

@InfinityValor :
+ Funny in his vids
+ HiQual texts in his vids :
- Annoying long YT URL
- Annoying YT ads
- Annoying data collector F**gle :
+ Convenient short URL for same vid
+ Light and easy viewing w/o ads
+ No tracking
+ More instances like
+ Free & open source
+ Selfhostable
+ Is Invidious' successor made by

I, @ab, just subscribed to @InfinityValor 's YT-channel :

Came up with a game idea about 20m ago. Not sure if i should save my all "." "Ideas" in the yearbook or just post them publicly. the game is for a group of friends to do a roulette of sorts with business cards they've acquired and then do something with them. Try and make a connect and complete a goal with whoever is on the card

4chan greentext video by Chass are my new addiction

@admin my account was unblocked but I'm having trouble logging in. Try the "forget my password" method and get no email. Unless I put in the wrong info into bitwarden then i can't login. (on

maybe i can have the will power to work on a video today, have a semi old script written. Might not post it on youtube first for once.

@jen listen to this song You are the most active user on this instance so I thought I'd say hi.👋ヅ

watching sbd4 first girl. the worst way to die is dieing with regret. some fate stay night type shit but if i really think about it that would probably be it

fuck what was i going to toot? oh yeah. I think i need a girlfriend. my life is pretty empty. ill pay them in $VALOR tokens... oh did i leak it? ifykyk. a token that would get me fucked by the SEC because there would be no way they wouldn't qualify it as a security... I have said too much. Valor Out!

oh yeah forgot. i eat one of those dumpling things with meat in them. came home at night after work and was tired and didn't even think about it. it was on the stone and i just grabbed whatever there was. like half way through eating it i realize it was meat. finished it because I didn't want to waste and i doubt anyone would want to eat half of it after me.

i find more beauty when everything is red than green. Just a sea of red. this is where 2nd chances live and they only live for a short while.

was too lazy to toot this yesterday. yesterday should have been "a fucked up day". fell 2 times on the concrete (never gets old and never stops hurting). The 2nd time my wheels didn't have enough traction on the wet street and i slide and fell with my camera. lucky my camera didn't get damaged. got some video and pictures for this whatever project im doing. early didn't do much but later at work i did pretty good. this new girl at work is pretty, might have an attraction to her with that other girl (don't know both of their names). Then I deiced to take the long way home to get more footage and got off at the wrong stop. Then after a few stops I met this photographer. We talked cameras and he invited me to shoot with him even tho i know jack. It was a good day. Thanks for reading my diary. I don't plan to do these types of toots often but everything i do online is my personal diary. Now future ppl know what happened yesterday.

I want to see banks burn down to the ground. Ridiculous fees for outgoing wire transfers is stupid. They might just rug us all as ponzo says.

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