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@GNUxeava The first time I installed Linux was on a laptop that needed 8821ce support. Man, that was scuffed. I guess it taught me something, though.

I've always loved language. As much as I rag on the inconveniences and inconsistencies of ever language I can speak, there's a feeling that envelopes me when they're spoken just right. It's why I love Romantic poets like Percy B Shelley. There's something about the utilisation of language that so dearly suits the actual words' meanings with those poems. I also love the use of language in music as an instrument as opposed to a centerpiece. I recently listened to Beethoven's 9th Symphony in full, and I feel that perfectly described his compositions where vocals were concerned. Perhaps the effect was magnified by my lack of Latin comprehension 😅. I have, in the past, gone on benders where I'd only listen to Portuguese/Brazilian music while I did my work. If I focused on it, I could make inferences on meaning based on my French knowledge. But in the background, it was just another piece to a beautiful melody.

@thor White chocolate macadamia nut cookies. The forbidden fruit.

@lain I've never understood the argument that you can just share the image without buying it. You can go to a museum and take a picture of the art there, share that too. It's a completely arbitrary distinction.

@LouisConde I don't care whether or not Kyle did shit, I can't support the death penalty. Even less so on a minor.

@TexOffender Why does it seem too high? It's pretty impressive the system they had set up. They literally made an industry on exploiting their labour, and then torturing and killing them. We've all heard of "German efficiency", if you catch my meaning.

@SunShineSucks Well what does the article say, actually? Y'know, headlines these days are more inflated than ever, and for this precise reason. To be screencapped and passed around, for people to rage at them and drive traffic to the shitty source site.

@BlizzJess When I was a kid and was to referring to people I didn't know the sex of I used "they". I generally do it for anyone, it's less memory-intensive that distinguishing between male and female. Most of the time that's an unimportant distinction, at least in my experience. When I was a kid people said it seemed overly formal, now people act like I'm trying to walk around eggshells. I honestly couldn't care less about a person's pronouns. If they say it's a big deal, I'll just refer by their name.

@RealRaul It's like a kid getting dropped off for school and immediately shooting bombs once their parent's out of earshot.

I just got home from an arduous trek. It was rewarding, though. The reason I have treadmills is because you aren't actually accomplishing anything. Yes, you're staying healthy, but that doesn't piece as tangible evidence in my mind. When you're walking outside, the environment changes in subtle ways with every step, and in big ones over the course of a stroll. Besides, having to walk home leaves no opportunity to give up. Maybe if treadmills actually milled grain, I'd be interested.

@fitheach In the movie, an inmate cuts garlic with a razor for a pasta sauce. He used the razor to cut it really thin. It's a mafia film.

@Vasta218 No, because there's nothing to sell on the story. A kid shoots someone? Happens every day, have it run local news. A kid open-carries at a political protest, then kills in self defense? It's clear what the better sell is. You can spin it to and fro, any narrative that hums to the tune of your personal political stance. Or rather, I should say, that of your target audience. People like to pretend as though journalism is driven by integrity, or curiosity and concern. It's not. It's a business.

@fitheach Are you trying to make some prison Ragu like from Goodfellas?

@SeTec9 I feel that ending was rather tepid though. Not the finale to the games proper, that was phenomenal. But the time spent after didn't feel cohesive. The sequel-bait in the last scene is still enticing though. I wasn't put off the show, despite my criticism.

@Fulcrum "Fiku vin", as the Esperantists say. Kidding, of course.

@lynne I recommend VSCodium. The same great editor as VSCode, but with none of the Microsoft.

@coolboymew Finally, I can smoke a Cuban while wrestling a bear.

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