Las Vegas is a very nice place. Many people associate it only with casinos, but if you really want to go surfing, and there is a whole bunch of entertainment!

During my absence, I managed to write a song. Very soon you will be able to listen to it on all the world's platforms! Wait!

I'm almost finished working on my illusionist training course! It will be released on facebook watch! Subscribe to my page so you don't miss it.

My facebook page's reach is up 20% in the last 2 days! Thank you all!

Hi guys! You all know me from my instagram videos! Now I decided to try myself as a musician and record my Single track for instagram reels

And so! The year has passed, it was very fruitful and interesting for me personally! I summed up the results of last year in this video! Watch it on igtv! #2021 #2022

One of the things that got my interest in magic is Hawaiian culture, I like shamans.

although to be honest, I like Hawaii for what it is. I love surfing.

I got my Instagram! Do you already have Instagram working?

I want to congratulate Instagram on the restoration

there was a global failure of social networks and Facebook corporation is making every effort to ensure that these social networks work as quickly as possible, we wish them good luck!


The difficulty of being a magician is that many people begin to suspect you of everything, but this is even funny.

I have already written in some of my accounts on social networks that I am currently working on two books, one of them will be in the fantasy genre and the second will be closer to scientific work. Follow the information, thanks!

Many people already know that South Park is one of my favorite animated series, everyone who has ever watched it remembers Eric Cartman's favorite place, Casa Bonita. It turns out that this restaurant actually exists.


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