A ship using only rocket fuel is a sham.🧐 I could use the help of many people to expedite the process. I have blueprints protected & encrypted well yet on a set timer to be released based on time or from my current body’s demise. I guess I have the chemical compositions ready. I could use the help of allotrope researching experts & many others. To Mars in a ~3 days, to Pluto in ~2 weeks, further go should enable more speed once good maps have been made. who will help me bring my spacecraft to fruition?

What do you remember from your last lives?🧐

Here we go! The words are out there :) Pro life! Pro life! 😍 starting to feel better? until the crazy food is “off the shelves”(gone) remember... non combination gene editing(crazy stuff) makes you stupider, thus shall have less joy, thus soon an organic option shall appear of your favorite/beneficial type of food/s if it hasn’t yet. 😆

@admin, do you review reports before banning or is there a chance I get banned for something like this again?


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