Worth is in the mind of the beholder. One can not know their own worth to society thus every human has equal worth.

I prefer to learn how to love, to concentrate and intend well, to practice much and many and to consider my own view on rights.

Loving - helping others through anti-sinning, treating every human as an equal, to be ~democratic.

I understand the bible showing Jesus was nearly killed while trying to get people to stop people from worshiping stuff, for example Caesars.

A supreme being (God) making itself before it made itself is illogical. If God is male(Father) then there is or was a female god also which is illogical.

The claim to “after one dies they are not reborn in anyway” is illogical because one needs to die before gaining this knowledge.


Four sins as stealing, hoarding, poisoning and excessive force.

Committing to sin causes reflecting sin effects, opposing sins cause reflection of opposing sin effects.

Poisonous food is decreasing fertility while increasing likelihood and acceleration of cancers.I guess those advocating poisonous food do not understand the consequences well but I love them much anyway. I prefer Organic food.

One can love themself the most while prioritizing their love to get more joy.

In the beginning there was nothing, nothing oscillated and had a frequency. Diffraction occurred due to the mode of oscillation, the mode of the oscillation changes amplitude, as this diffraction occurs the mode forms extreme peaks and troughs creating a phonon, shorter wavelength higher frequency phonons beget heat. Heat transforms the waves creating a photon...quantum chromodynamics...

Lines of infinite variations of light with infinite types of combinations. variations combining to eventually create a creature capable of making words in thus promises and memories.

We are like amalgamated lines, all similar but not the same...banging Amalgamations ;), so big they can change while we still understand ourself well.
When a new amalgamation has our ~ amalgamation we can evolve. The new amalgamated lines birthed like we were, new baby should have more. Fertility begetting life everlasting while changing.

Frequency can extend memory, ability to remember the past may come well if remember dreams welI.

Line formations are incomprehensible. Exact frequency can not be judged because the frequency of a photon is ~ infinity.
“Plancks law” seems to me to be a falsehood.

Helping to increase joy by learning to increase love for self. Treating self with an infinitesimal more love than another that remember having sensed for the longest amount of time and each other’s length in time in order only an infinitesimal less than the prior.

Someone I spent ~1 second with I love 99.99...% as much as myself.

For me...I come first then nature, then mom,...

Examples -

(Some are strictly hypothetical... I would try to get them to enjoy each other using knowledge).

One asks me for help or my mind understands one as having much sickness. If I recall them better then another/others and if they show up by x time, then I will serve them first.

Jim comes 10 minutes before x time with a similar request. I then tell Jim that Ling asked first but I will allow you over him if that is what u want and you are here at x time.

If I struggle to remember which I have spent time with more and I enjoy both of them nearly equally then the first I recall the most shall be served first as long as there at x time.

If many people come and they all ask or require ~ equal help ~ at once, then I ask them to flip a coin, etc. until winner/s remain/s, winners get served first when I’m ready.

3 people come as a group while one allergic to them- whomever has been recalled in total the most Shall be served if they show up at x time.

If one wants priority then should try to bring themself close to another and love them well, tho one may run away.


I hope you enjoyed :) I love you much.

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If you have any questions or consider this illogical or crazy then explain why to me please... :p

A PhD could help me to convince Protestants to replace the current Bible, my mom towards organic food and away from most pharmaceuticals,help me find a good girlfriend and much more that is somewhat secretive ;). I will travel to clarify. :)


A ship using only rocket fuel is a sham.🧐 I could use the help of many people to expedite the process. I have blueprints protected & encrypted well yet on a set timer to be released based on time or from my current body’s demise. I guess I have the chemical compositions ready. I could use the help of allotrope researching experts & many others. To Mars in a ~3 days, to Pluto in ~2 weeks, further go should enable more speed once good maps have been made. who will help me bring my spacecraft to fruition?

What do you remember from your last lives?🧐

Here we go! The words are out there :) Pro life! Pro life! 😍 starting to feel better? until the crazy food is “off the shelves”(gone) remember... non combination gene editing(crazy stuff) makes you stupider, thus shall have less joy, thus soon an organic option shall appear of your favorite/beneficial type of food/s if it hasn’t yet. 😆

@admin, do you review reports before banning or is there a chance I get banned for something like this again?


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