What do you remember from your last lives?🧐

@admin What does this “ super man” entail that causes the super part? Strength?

@admin I have extreme swiftness & intellect. :) I believe I can play ~1024 +notes per second on an acoustic guitar without pedals, such speed is apparently not possible on an electric guitar. I hit ~64-144 notes per second using both hands, then use my right elbow to wah the hole of the guitar for 4x...256-576 then I do double twangs with left fingers for 4x, 1024-2304, then I’ll add on harmonic slaps and or board knocks to get more notes.

I created a quantum mechanics
based origin story, apparently first to ever do so(on my wall). To smoke using sticks instead of holding ciggggs and using lighters.
I invented solar farms and a few updated solar farms, I have many other inventions also ;).

Allow me examples of your strength and power?


@admin there is no god, falsehood made up by people apparently trying to create a monarchy over humans. We vote! I voted for jo Jorgensen in usa last election.

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