making up a "fake" galaxy and coming up with names for shit. i want really obscure words that hopefully have a cool definition. shame cool english words are gone from the english lexicon. also shame ppl around dont use cool words. also too lazy to learn them


@InfinityValor do you mean words like pôop or are you using shît as a word that means stuff? I prefer words with one definition but many words with one definition have often fallen victim to abuse by dictionary writers edits.

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@Moremore i think u are making a joke but can't tell. either way this is my personal diary. everything I do publicly on the internet will hopefully be archived and can be looked back on. What I am referring to are words like "Petrichor" or "Effervescence". To me they sound cool. Just making more Valor Lore.

@InfinityValor I was not intentionally making a joke, I was sincere in my question. Valor means honor,bravery,courage. Lore is mythology or knowledge. To make knowledge then the word must be “new”, If looking for rarely used words then I recommend using the scientific name for plants, animals, etc. then combining them or editing them to make new words. I archived this post…

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