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@jen ya I saw this, lol we can already get free pictures… tho I do love crypto

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@jen this is wild, I wonder how long it takes to get used to this…

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@jen frozen for the future Pratt?

@jen Terra wanted the Chappelle special removed. Dave says some absurd stuff. This is a tv network, not a social media site or news company, they could remove it without verging on the first amendment. I guess Chappelle couldn’t come up with funnier stuff so he went for stuff that would become controversial and hated on to get more views. Jaclyn Moore does a show named “Dear white people”, makes a comment about Chappelle’s discrimination…making any comments about discrimination after doing a show with that name is ironic yet through 300+ comments, I didn’t see anyone comment on this. Hmmmm

@jen is this Nintendo switch from 1990? I’m confused

@jen me too! I started running and working out often, helps but I’m still very stressed. I sleep in like everyday lately, I wonder if it’s an empathetic thing or mainly some type of withdrawal. Hmmmm

@Sys did you make the video or the stuffed plushie ? Seems like it’s a multi-part thing. Ohhh it just has small arms and legs, I get it now… looks comfy, I can imagine laying on it…

@jen I like ctrl +f to find stuff , find more! More! Finding… found stuff

@jen catgirl simulator now ☺️ That’s an amazing name. Considering changing my name to Mr Peanut simulator.. hmmmm

@InfinityValor I was not intentionally making a joke, I was sincere in my question. Valor means honor,bravery,courage. Lore is mythology or knowledge. To make knowledge then the word must be “new”, If looking for rarely used words then I recommend using the scientific name for plants, animals, etc. then combining them or editing them to make new words. I archived this post…

@jen o snap , you deactivated Twitter ! Wow, Big news. I’m sorry I’ve been gone for a long time, I’ve recently moved and been fighting through a bout of depression but I’m getting better, finally! I’ve missed enjoying your comments, but I hope I won’t be in the near future!

@coolboymew interesting! I thought you were just super strong…

@InfinityValor do you mean words like pôop or are you using shît as a word that means stuff? I prefer words with one definition but many words with one definition have often fallen victim to abuse by dictionary writers edits.

@jen scary because of the hypothetical truth that one or more is not our parent?

@jen I recommend some games with high levels of interaction esp when play to earn games…I plan on playing…

@jen a rough draft that I was told by philosophers was too brief is on my wall here. Too brief eh? So they want more eh? Moremore 😉

@jen freeing to where, why is there more free? Reminds me of . nirvana seems unlikely and if achievable it could be a waste of time and life. I’ve been looking for the philosophy I made up, I’ve studied ~ 50 philosophies/sub philosophies. So far only Confucianism with pantheism fit well with mine. Though I do not remember reading about specific details on origin or how one may logically be born again like mine.

@jen I wouldn’t, I read they accelerate cancer problems, and also they can disrupt a lot of other stuff. Stupid idea imo, along with single use coffee and almost all voice activated devices.

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