@jen Terra wanted the Chappelle special removed. Dave says some absurd stuff. This is a tv network, not a social media site or news company, they could remove it without verging on the first amendment. I guess Chappelle couldn’t come up with funnier stuff so he went for stuff that would become controversial and hated on to get more views. Jaclyn Moore does a show named “Dear white people”, makes a comment about Chappelle’s discrimination…making any comments about discrimination after doing a show with that name is ironic yet through 300+ comments, I didn’t see anyone comment on this. Hmmmm

@jen is this Nintendo switch from 1990? I’m confused

@jen me too! I started running and working out often, helps but I’m still very stressed. I sleep in like everyday lately, I wonder if it’s an empathetic thing or mainly some type of withdrawal. Hmmmm

@Sys did you make the video or the stuffed plushie ? Seems like it’s a multi-part thing. Ohhh it just has small arms and legs, I get it now… looks comfy, I can imagine laying on it…

@jen I like ctrl +f to find stuff , find more! More! Finding… found stuff

@jen catgirl simulator now ☺️ That’s an amazing name. Considering changing my name to Mr Peanut simulator.. hmmmm

@InfinityValor I was not intentionally making a joke, I was sincere in my question. Valor means honor,bravery,courage. Lore is mythology or knowledge. To make knowledge then the word must be “new”, If looking for rarely used words then I recommend using the scientific name for plants, animals, etc. then combining them or editing them to make new words. I archived this post…

@jen o snap , you deactivated Twitter ! Wow, Big news. I’m sorry I’ve been gone for a long time, I’ve recently moved and been fighting through a bout of depression but I’m getting better, finally! I’ve missed enjoying your comments, but I hope I won’t be in the near future!

@coolboymew interesting! I thought you were just super strong…

@InfinityValor do you mean words like pôop or are you using shît as a word that means stuff? I prefer words with one definition but many words with one definition have often fallen victim to abuse by dictionary writers edits.

@jen scary because of the hypothetical truth that one or more is not our parent?

@jen I recommend some games with high levels of interaction esp when play to earn games…I plan on playing…

@jen a rough draft that I was told by philosophers was too brief is on my wall here. Too brief eh? So they want more eh? Moremore 😉

@jen freeing to where, why is there more free? Reminds me of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhist . nirvana seems unlikely and if achievable it could be a waste of time and life. I’ve been looking for the philosophy I made up, I’ve studied ~ 50 philosophies/sub philosophies. So far only Confucianism with pantheism fit well with mine. Though I do not remember reading about specific details on origin or how one may logically be born again like mine.

@jen I wouldn’t, I read they accelerate cancer problems, and also they can disrupt a lot of other stuff. Stupid idea imo, along with single use coffee and almost all voice activated devices.

@jen sitting crossed legged kissing short person, laying on ground while person does a hand stand and then we kiss as I do an crunch, crunch kisses, Hershey’s and Mars merger doesn’t make them taste any better…

@jen led flashlight nightlight app. could put on 2 sun glasses and then look at sun. chives and some other plant are a mild stimulant. get all jacked on chives then jokingly insult people enviro trashing. “A few extra seconds to recycle is often too much for 1.little rabbits or 2those with less wisdom” . “ “Your highness! I’ll recycle that for you(bow) “sincerely ask “do you not have enough slaves?(desperate look on face) “

@jen every bit should help regardless of how long you practice. If never practice what has brought you joy then others may have less joy. Guilt tripped🎤 . Maybe you can sing in our group, it’s could be like 5 of us that do artistic stuff on stage combo style.

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