U.S. lifts some Trump-era restrictions on Cuba, including limits on travel and remittances w.st/761Xm

Biden sends hundreds of U.S. troops back to Somalia to fight al-Shabab extremists w.st/bDNs4

Mexico to talk to U.S. delegation, insists all countries have to attend Americas summit w.st/cdZgM

What U.S. women can learn from Poland’s recent abortion restrictions w.st/awYRC

Scarred by Russian attacks, some Ukrainians stick to life underground w.st/2e4fQ

Preserving the history of America’s ‘secret war’ in Laos w.st/3ZkBY

North Korea reports 8 more deaths as Kim blasts virus response w.st/PbXEZ

Ice hockey finds new fans in Belfast, where the sport brings some in the divided city together w.st/FAQTy

Indian couple sue son and his wife, demanding grandchildren w.st/t97Mv

Ukraine crowned winner of 2022 Eurovision Song Contest w.st/WPG8k

How a Eurovision star's song about coming out became a gay anthem w.st/GSfp0

Eurovision Song Contest is back with high camp, kooky antics and queer milestones w.st/rTkSE

‘Judge me not’: Who is Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the presumptive Philippine president? w.st/a1RJf

Russia’s media propaganda turns to ‘spine-chilling rhetoric’ to intimidate West w.st/GlXGj

Hope fades for quick return home for Brittney Griner after latest decision from Russian courts w.st/7Lifj

Reports of possible Russian retreat near Kharkiv, as Moscow extends detention for WNBA star w.st/DOlpP

4-hour wait for 5 gallons of gas: Oil shortage sparks panic-buying in Kyiv w.st/ldFbe

Shanghai suggests lockdown may end soon as pressure grows on China’s ‘zero-Covid’ policy w.st/b4smK

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