‘Ndrangheta mafia kingpin returns to Italy to serve 30-year sentence w.st/D8AOP

Taliban excavate car used by founding leader to escape after U.S.-led invasion w.st/Xi8bR

The West should help Ukraine get more Russian-made weapons, ammo from around the world, think tank says w.st/0ua2E

UK government in crisis as ministers quit Boris Johnson's scandal-hit administration w.st/2QTpV

‘No safe place’ from Russian artillery as offensive underway in Ukraine’s Donetsk w.st/7O6gQ

Shanghai, Beijing order new round of mass Covid-19 testing amid new cases w.st/UotCE

Turkish police break up LGBTQ Pride march; 30 detained w.st/EDLUH

2 key UK Cabinet ministers quit Boris Johnson’s government over sex misconduct scandal w.st/HNIo0

Chile's proposed new constitution is presented to President Gabriel Boric w.st/ADCZJ

Ahead of elections, Nicaragua government takes over five opposition-held towns w.st/74rZB

Italy declares state of emergency for drought-stricken north w.st/yVssn

Sydney floods affect 50,000 around Australia’s largest city w.st/eX0Q8

Uzbekistan says 18 killed, hundreds wounded in unrest w.st/rKuco

Tycoon who vanished from Hong Kong is being tried in China, Canada says w.st/FSWOj

'I'm terrified': Brittney Griner sends Biden handwritten letter amid trial in Russia w.st/NWDzA

Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh likely killed by Israeli gunfire, U.S. says w.st/AOYzt

Scientists discover a new giant waterlily that was hiding in plain sight for 177 years w.st/0V886

Russia takes control of a key eastern province, sets stage for war's next phase w.st/ENsEj

Israeli militry gunfire likely killed Palestinian American journalist, U.S. concludes w.st/QMqHP

U.S. Navy offers cash for tips to seize Mideast drugs, weapons w.st/XKvnG

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