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U.S. lifts some Trump-era restrictions on Cuba, including limits on travel and remittances

Biden sends hundreds of U.S. troops back to Somalia to fight al-Shabab extremists

Mexico to talk to U.S. delegation, insists all countries have to attend Americas summit

What U.S. women can learn from Poland’s recent abortion restrictions

Scarred by Russian attacks, some Ukrainians stick to life underground

Preserving the history of America’s ‘secret war’ in Laos

North Korea reports 8 more deaths as Kim blasts virus response

Ice hockey finds new fans in Belfast, where the sport brings some in the divided city together

Indian couple sue son and his wife, demanding grandchildren

Ukraine crowned winner of 2022 Eurovision Song Contest

How a Eurovision star's song about coming out became a gay anthem

Eurovision Song Contest is back with high camp, kooky antics and queer milestones

‘Judge me not’: Who is Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the presumptive Philippine president?

Russia’s media propaganda turns to ‘spine-chilling rhetoric’ to intimidate West

Hope fades for quick return home for Brittney Griner after latest decision from Russian courts

Reports of possible Russian retreat near Kharkiv, as Moscow extends detention for WNBA star

4-hour wait for 5 gallons of gas: Oil shortage sparks panic-buying in Kyiv

Shanghai suggests lockdown may end soon as pressure grows on China’s ‘zero-Covid’ policy

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