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Covid outbreak in North Korea: What we do and don't know

How Putin's war in Ukraine backfired and fueled NATO's Nordic expansion

Missile strikes push Russian-speaking Odesa’s allegiance toward Ukraine

U.S. sues casino mogul Steve Wynn over relationship with China

U.S. watchdog report details cause of Afghan army’s collapse

Trump friend sought millions in UAE investments while lobbying on UAE's behalf, prosecutors say

Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol’s steel plant surrender, but Russia may label them as a terrorist group

Costa Ricans scrambled to pay taxes by hand after cyberattack took down country’s collection system

The Buffalo shooting is part of a global network of white nationalist terror

U.S. moves to ease some economic sanctions against Venezuela

Mexican president: U.S. embargo against Cuba is ‘genocidal policy’

U.K. threatens to break Brexit deal, raising stakes in E.U. feud over Northern Ireland

Hezbollah, allies lose majority in Lebanon's parliament after election

Ukraine declares end to battle for Mariupol, ceding control of key port city to Russia

A Cuban migrant crossed the Rio Grande with one leg. 'I'm going to take the risk.'

Shanghai achieves ‘zero Covid’ status, but normal life is weeks away

Sri Lanka down to one-day supply of gasoline, prime minister says

Taliban dissolve Afghanistan’s Human Rights Commission

North Korea reports another fever surge amid virus outbreak

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