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Protesting PSA 

So with SCOTUS doing sketchy shit I present this. Be sure to share to help spread it around. This is an open source 3d print and is a must when protesting in a police state.

Another thing, don't use a biometric or facial recognition lock. Password only, cops will do everything they can to force unlock your phone, illegally. Password it before you go out. #SCOTUS #RoevsWade #Protest #Prochoice

The US right now is "How to destabilize a country" any % speed run lol

I love how we went from "A spicy flu in China" to total geopolitical caos with every crissis imaginable in the span of 2 years

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#OtD 16 Jun 1953 construction workers in East Berlin downed tools against a 10% increase in work norms, sparking a ten-day uprising across the country. Workers formed strike committees, took over state media, and fought the army. libcom.org/library/1953-workin

Ubuntu server is trash, debian new bae

This whole Ukraine war and western millitery support had really driven a wedge into the political Left. I can agree that adding additional weapons will make the coflict last longer, but at the same time not supporting Ukraine is helping Putin in his imperialist expansion

Hoping Mastodon gets bigger and overtakes Twiter and FB oneday, kindof sick of the brainrot there ngl..


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