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Just created my first Mastodon bot!
@luigiasatank Completely based on one of my likable Twitter bots.

upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection failure

I just returned to Mastodon after weeks and I'm greeted with 37 notifications... 👀

2020 Twitter: having comfort characters is valid! talk about yours as you want! make ships! make fancams! make fan-art!

2021 Twitter: if you have a comfort character, you are the root of evil and you need help.

Twitter limited two of my accounts AGAIN. This platform is nooot good at all.

This time I actually can't like tweets. Thanks Twitter. 😒

I can retweet too. I guess Twitter is lying then...

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Yaomomo Bot can see me in the notifications, so I guess my account is not really locked?

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Just because I retweeted important tweets to save people?? Twitter is a joke.

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I guess it's time to watch the second episode of The Promised Neverland S2...

Windows Explorer (9x to 7) ➡️ File Explorer (8.0 to 10) ➡️ Files (10X).

Did the second episode of The Promised Neverland S2 got released?

Sometimes I wonder, is that even me typing in a language that isn't my main language? Is it me?

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