@PieterPJ don't be such a **diva** again and again. Next time you announce to leave P.IM I will not respond!

Ergo, don't do it. Its only your official youtube videos @ yewtu.be/channel/UCyX7tIVh5R3g that I watch! Ask others! You know, you can view YT via different methods / apps / devices: Via a Smart TV, via Browser, via app in a smartphone, via a Media Center like Kodi, ... even via Terminal. All the underlying is still videos from YT.

I am really a fan of your lovely music, I am not evil - in contrary, I like freedom and peace. Like yourself. I listen to your  your music-for-the-soul in the kitchen and livingroom and I promote it to my friends and on the web.

It's all OK @PieterPJ !

@ab OMG, Peter deleted his account, maybe he doesn't like to share his music outside :(

Hi @admin

1.) How do you feel after he had left?
2.) What is "outside"?
2.1.) Is P.LU outside? No, he announced his pieces here.
2.2.) Is Youtube outside? No, he published there.

I think his technical understanding is a little bit outside. And wish him lots of success!

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