Why posting links? To share clickable info, right?!
@admin and @paula: In Androids Tusky.app and my Chromium some URL are not "auto-clickable" and thus not recognizable as links if you do not prefix them with their protocol.
Who wants to copy for ex. 'p.lu' or 'files.wien.rocks', open the browser and paste them into? Not me!
Ummm, doesn't even work: Tusky copys the whole post, *grrr*, no selecting possible.


@PieterPJ don't be such a **diva** again and again. Next time you announce to leave P.IM I will not respond!

Ergo, don't do it. Its only your official youtube videos @ yewtu.be/channel/UCyX7tIVh5R3g that I watch! Ask others! You know, you can view YT via different methods / apps / devices: Via a Smart TV, via Browser, via app in a smartphone, via a Media Center like Kodi, ... even via Terminal. All the underlying is still videos from YT.

I am really a fan of your lovely music, I am not evil - in contrary, I like freedom and peace. Like yourself. I listen to your  your music-for-the-soul in the kitchen and livingroom and I promote it to my friends and on the web.

It's all OK @PieterPJ !

To find @PieterPJ 's newest tracks and to listen to his lovely music (pic 1), I use the ad-less copylefted libre / open source youtube player SkyTube skytube-app.com (pic 2) from the FOSS app store F-Droid f-droid.org (pic 3).

F-Droid has completely replaced 'Google Play' - never thought that this is possible w/o pain. I don't even miss this data hungry privacy (*/s)ucker.

@PieterPJ @admin Well done gents! Congrats for successfully uploading and being approved by the director of P.LU who found his pirate (sic!) key and changed the P.LU's favicon accordingly :)

@PieterPJ there are now 3 same of your 'Songbird's here at C.IM. When I later want to scroll through your auditive artworks, then that's irritating. Could you plz be so kind and delete one of your old double youtube posts. You'll still have 2 same vids in here ;)

BTW, what's 'Official VSR'? Sounds professional. Video Super-Resolution?

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You know your meme, aeh, digital web'bish risks.

So you know the hosts file.
I got mine since years from winhelp2002.mvps.org. But today I saw even more (blocking-)lists e.g. at filterlists.com.
And, to join and modify those lists here is for example the bash script hBlock** -- nicely explained from FunkySpaceMonkey***

** github.com/hectorm/hBlock
*** funkyspacemonkey.com/how-to-us)

For all creatures.
Starts in my brain.
Grows in my words.
Lives in my hands and feet.


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