Serv_s @paula

Ist Dir mein Peertube-Instanz Vorschlag
fuer Deine Liste
wienerisch genug?
Die 'Linux User Group Austria LuGA' hat "ihren Sitz" ja in Wien:
Und die Stammtische finden im

Gut, oder ;-)

Ah, ok. Then may it have ULTRA IMPACT in your life @Sys. And fun ;)

@seth Muaaaah, haha, LOL, is this funny or sad :( But: ⛈ > ☁ > 🌞

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WhatsApp is offline, that means there's no better time to recommend @session: decentralized, end to end encrypted, sybil resistant, and super easy to use messaging platform.

Alone this your question brings more to my life @impulsecontrol. Great: A self-answering quest-ion 📣.

Hey @impulsecontrol. What's up ?-)
My impulse is to be angry about your (for me) boring profile picture. But I want to control my impulses, so I take a deep breath, read and enjoy your posts and follow 🔭 you.

Appreciate your elaborated answer @Sys. I'll see if these fontain 🌊 of hourly pics aren't too much 8-)

With what are U trading @uncontemplating? Im new to crypto and want to invest 1000 €.

@Sys Whats MHA? A a mobile game? But yeah, I see, its an app much bigger after updating .. Hope its worth it ;)

+ Serv_s
+ sporty
+ healthy
+ sightseeing
+ no toxic exausts
- no description (not all live in VIE)
- video distorted in my Samsung A5

I dont see the connection between Twitter and making a bot in a rush @Sys, and am not familiar with (these) comic figures - but I like bots, especially handmade ones and in particular these from mastodonians :)
So I follow @Momo .


Yeah, I must say, these Yaomomo pics are not that bad.
But every hour?! Is that weird or fun?
I think bot(h) harhar ..

Hey @paula!

Du kannst die tollsten Web-Dienste installieren und erfolgreich betreiben - da kann ich mir nicht vorstellen dass Du den "richtigen .ico-Pfad" nicht siehst. Den zeigt ja jeder Browser an. So einfach ists wohl nicht ;) Was meinst Du also genau ...

Was ich bei und Co mag, ist, dass die Antwortenden erwarten, dass die Fragestellerin zeigt was sie bisher selbst versucht hat.

Ich sehe jetzt noch nicht:
- welchen folglich "falschen" Pfad Du probiert hast bzw
- WO Du geschaut hast.
- Woran Du "gescheitert" bist (das find ich nichtssagend), bzw
- was Du als Alternative probiert hast?

LG in' XIII.

Hi @admin

1.) How do you feel after he had left?
2.) What is "outside"?
2.1.) Is P.LU outside? No, he announced his pieces here.
2.2.) Is Youtube outside? No, he published there.

I think his technical understanding is a little bit outside. And wish him lots of success!

Why posting links? To share clickable info, right?!
@admin and @paula: In Androids and my Chromium some URL are not "auto-clickable" and thus not recognizable as links if you do not prefix them with their protocol.
Who wants to copy for ex. '' or '', open the browser and paste them into? Not me!
Ummm, doesn't even work: Tusky copys the whole post, *grrr*, no selecting possible.


. I like all the new services / staff I learn from reading your posts @paula.
. I hate it when I click on and land / get stuck in this same post of yours.
. Here's what I found:

Nein, kenn ich noch nicht :) @paula. Freu mich aber drueber!

@admin Nope. That was yesterday !-) Today is ... uhmm ... night ;-)

But apart from that, you're ok, @ministrator?!

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