@admin Hello! How are You? Здравствуйте! Вы говорите по русски?

@admin yes. I am from Daghestan Republic of Russia. Do You know that place?

@admin да. Название дословно переводится как Страна Гор (Mountains Land).

А (если не секрет) откуда родом Вы?

@za haha, I don't know Russian, I just search from Wikipedia.

@admin OK. So, let's speek english. Are You administrator of PeerTube instance P.LU too? Can You switch off premoderation for my account @z please?

@admin @z I just trying to upload educational videos to P.LU PeerTube instance, but it Auto-blacklisted and waiting Moderator review very long time.

@admin Hey @admin, today I found out that requests on this website are served through CloudFlare, a not-so-privacy-respectful MITM that can impose censorship and collect and sell data.
Is there any plan to remove this MITM in the future? There are many free DNS servers that are as reliable as CloudFlare - like freedns.afraid.org, or the one provided by wherever you got the c.im domain from.

@massivebox is there any proof for Cloudflare's not-so-privacy-respectful MITM?

@admin I recommend you take a look at this explaination: git.disroot.org/dCF/deCloudfla
I'd like to stress on the privacy aspect, which is one of Mastodon's design principles: take a look at their ToS;dr page here: tosdr.org/en/service/894

From a site owner prespective I understand the convenience of using Cloudflare. I've used it in the past myself, because it's free, reliable and seems to be the best to the untrained eye. But once you get aware of the issues it has, you should realize that the little convenience you'll lose by getting rid of it is a big step for decentralization and privacy.

@massivebox Sure, I can consider it. Which country do you think have better privacy policy? Our servers can be located in Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Estonia in EU.

@admin Thanks for that :)
Netherlands and Estonia both don't take part in the 5/9/14 eyes alliances, and I think they're basically equivalent in terms of privacy laws, but I haven't dug much into the subject.

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