I think I want to design and build a desktop environment. I believe I've figured out all the different parts I need for this.

Hey, I'm looking for someone to take over one of my jobs, so I can concentrate better on @interpeer.

You should...

- be EU based, NL-based a preference.
- know C/C++/Python
- know basics of network programming: sockets, endianness, datagram vs. stream, etc.
- know Linux networking/routing a bit.

The software runs on small ARM boards (ca. Raspberry Pi 1 power). You'll build and flash images, etc. You'll attach extension boards, and interface the software to firmware.

DM me/boosts appreciated.

@neauoire ohh, speaking of, I am really into docsets lately; do you have any objection to me possibly bundling and distributing the UXN documentation in a format that can be browsed offline with tools like Zeal/Dash/Velocity?

This is very clever, using EM propagation via an electrostatic gun to interact with (control) touchscreens at a distance. The "ghost touch injection" PoC only works to 4cm presently, but offers unique attack vectors if built into surfaces, or perhaps pocket-to-pocket confined social settings thehackernews.com/2022/05/atta

Hi, I'm Rachel. My artistic practice spans video art, glitch, homebrew development, electronics, and archives. These interests are connected by my dream to dissolve the monoculture of computing nostalgia, particularly through creating ultrafemme and commercially unviable electronic artifacts and forgeries. I frequently find myself charmed by tinsel and electronic astrology machines. 🍭


@novelwriter gonna try nW as project diary tool for a few sprints.

What percentage of people would select the same choice as you in this poll?

Original: twitter.com/NanoRaptor/status/

@rotfarm hey! I was exploring fosstodon and saw your beautiful drawings so decided to keep an eye on new postings. Thanks for sharing!

@novelwriter Thanks for creating such a good tool! Is there any example project which could be used as live tutorial? I'm going through the docs but didn't find any yet, in case if it's in there

I made a #mastodon account for my #opensource app @novelwriter 😊

It is a writing app for novels, written in Python and Qt5. It runs on #Linux, #Windows and on #macOS


Doing a 48 hour Zine Festival this weekend.

(that's not a real thing, it's just how I'm describing what I'm doing.)

That means I have ~48 hours from today to write, photograph, lay out, edit, and publish a zine.

I'm aiming for 40 pages, we'll see how close I can come.

I'm going to try and include at least a selection of photos taken this weekend (on film, and developed in house, because I'm apparently playing hard mode.)


- DIY Music Production
- Music in the Public Domain
- Atlanta music's best kept secret
- The Economy//seizing the means

@[email protected] hey, may I share one foggy photo I took when I was in mountain next to some weather station? Few of your photos reminds me that

Heya everyone. I'm julia, and I work in open source. Looking forward to chatting with folks here!

I like exploring the sociotechnical, sustainability, and longevity aspects of OSS.

Oh, I also co-founded opensourcestories.org (still in its relative infancy).


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