[World] Mariupol: Hundreds of besieged Ukrainian soldiers evacuated w.st/Kec7u

[World] Turkey threatens to block Finland and Sweden Nato bids w.st/1eVWg

[World] Somalia: President Biden reverses Trump's withdrawal of US troops w.st/BiaDK

[World] Buffalo shooting: Black Americans describe grief and fear w.st/69vKt

[Business] Twitter boss hits back on Musk doubts over fake accounts w.st/MNACA

[World] Shireen Abu Aqla: Christian leaders condemn violence at reporter's funeral w.st/2Itoe

[World] Johnny Depp hit me on honeymoon, says Amber Heard w.st/0n9FB

[World] Greece killing: Pilot murdered Caroline Crouch, court rules w.st/Zt0ro

[World] Nato begins its military exercises in Baltics w.st/7g8K4

[World] Hassan Sheikh Mohamud: Who is Somalia's new leader? w.st/PxvQh

[World] Iraq sandstorm: Red skies as Iraq hit by eighth sandstorm in weeks w.st/iu4Jk

[World] Kenya elections 2022: Raila Odinga picks Martha Karua as running mate w.st/XEJTE

[Business] McDonald's to leave Russia for good after 30 years w.st/06hMF

[World] Afghan resistance attack Taliban, sparking reprisals in Panjshir w.st/MOnuX

[World] Ukraine Eurovision win: Presenter hosting from bunker jumps for joy w.st/9Krmk

[Business] Shanghai lockdown: China unemployment rate near pandemic peak w.st/LzLgJ

[World] Ukraine crisis: Can Africa replace Russian gas supplies to Europe? w.st/yDAvF

[World] Full lunar eclipse creates rare super blood Moon w.st/oKnsf

[World] North Korea: More than a million Covid cases feared w.st/m7zkq

[World] Ukraine: The children's camp that became an execution ground w.st/s2Cra

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