Always put your 100% in everything and add a little +% (tax-effort),

you'd be surprised, what doors you might open.

can someone recommend stoicism book/movie?

We got to market our product with no budget for materials and ads!

Time to go old school!

It's time to show how dedicated we the founders are;

Having to launch my early stage tech-startup, also doing my Architectural Thesis, then I also happen to have side-gig.

They all share 24hours of my day.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."

"The whole world is sitting on a ticking bomb." quoted from Aloe Blacc's Ticking Bomb......really is something, depends on what your "current" view in life is.

if you are old, or in sickbed....
if you're in the process of fresh ventures....
if your country is at war.....
or when you're about to get evicted.....

The point is, there're just things we can't control and it'll come down to how we interpret them.

Okay.... What's up? this is a hell of a concept! anyway I'm from SE-Asia so hello!


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