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I don't know it it's ever been translated in any other languages (it's in Italian originally), but a great graphic novel it's called "Celestia" by Emanuele Fior. it talks about a party of telepathic people trying to escape from Venice

:: GIMP 3.0

One can often hear "GIMP will never level Adobe Photoshop".

Lack of proper funding hinders the roadmap considerably.

Efforts now done towards GIMP 3.0 (and the switch to GTK3 +upgrades such as GEGL image engine) aren't talked about enough?

Non-destructive editing will put GIMP on the spotlight the way 2.8 did for Blender?

Please support by testing, spreading the word (and DONATING if able).


#GIMP #Photoshop #deleteAdobe #image #Linux #GTK #Blender

The war in Ukraine keeps raging. Support Ukrainian artists if you can! - like Heinali (, a great musician that thinks about just surviving instead of doing his badass computer music, wtf...

Hello Fediverse!

We are KiCad, a cross platform and open source electronics design automation suite. We can help you make printed circuit boards.


A while ago I made this project called , with G. Dinello, A. Rizzo Pase, and @cultve - It's a skateboard that turns movements into sounds! - 3d printed with my loyal . Happy Birthday Prusa! -

I need to find a name for this pyramidal MIDI BLE controller, any idea?

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Whether I use it wirelessly or with the good old DIN socket, the MIDI protocol is what I mostly use to make my weird interfaces work (and my children eat everyday), farewell Dave Smith, I owe you a lot

Putting together the moodmeter circuit VOID Veneto Orientale Innovation District

I'm experimenting Sheet Metal addon (even if this object it's not really going to be made out of metal...) what do you think this thing is?

Yesterday I gave the 1st workshop of the "guida politecnica al frastuono più atroce" cycle. With the participants we put together a ble-midi controller with an and a messy breadboard

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