I need to deal with the text scaling when viewed in person as the scaling can get kinda gross. I should really just render everything within a <canvas>, but Svelte's DOM control is pretty fun.

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One of the most persistently useful tool I've made for dealing with strange displays is a grid generator. Making PNG screenshots is kinda challenging so I ended up using a library to recreate the DOM within a <canvas> object, then capture that as an image. It was fun to play around with Svelte. dgtlworkshop.github.io/dgtlGri

Cursed valid JavaScript of the day:

array[0.5] = "oh no";
// output: [ "0.5": "oh no" ]

Thinking the advantage of IRC over Mastodon is that when IRC had a netsplit you got that tide of "** Server X has disconnected ** Server Y has disconnected" messages, but when Mastodon has a netsplit it just looks like nobody is posting. Netsplits on 90s IRC had a kind of a festive air, like watching ocean waves crest. Like oh, whoops, there goes New Brunswick. Oh, now it's back again

Teeny tiny screen! It's 800x480 and can't properly handle input signals of any other size. Windows is somehow really good at reading its EDID compared to Raspberry Pi.


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