Users will leave due to the bad policies of Elon Musk. You will give your personal info, however, it will violate privacy laws. Why is Twitter not removing spams and bots which are hacking your information?

Disconnect from the routers, servers, and switches of hate, misogyny, gaslighting, and all sinful workstations. Dismantle each device due to their sins. Connect the workstations of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control to the better servers, routers, and switches to spread the good news from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Forget about Philippine politics. Filipino majority voted for their crooked leaders; however, you cannot evade on paying taxes or disobey for this incoming administration there. That's your absolute burden, so I am done talking about that.

I am very interested to study and finish my IT Networking Course until I will land a better job here in Canada. IT Networking is still a demanding course on how to connect cables properly to the servers and workstations in each local area network of each department.

Talk about IT technology more than politics. Politics cannot earn money because corrupt politicians can steal billions of bucks from the people who are paying taxes.

Never call “woke” or verbal slurs against brethren in different races. Thus, reject the ideology of hate in all social network that damages your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Choose the LOVE of Jesus more than hate.

The duty of every follower of Jesus Christ is to pray to your church, the authorities in the government, your colleagues in school and jobs, and all people in this world. Don't bully them but to pray.

is a safe free writing messages in social media. It's very sad on the is not just very crowded, but it is full of trolls and bullies there. Twitter has 500 characters, however, has 5,000 characters long!

Itʼs a huge loss for Gov. Ron DeSantis to suppress Black Voters because it is unconstitutional. News from CNN below:

Twitter is very, very overcrowded and nasty users there. Thanks to @Mastodon this better or safer social media app that organizes better social media community.

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I started more than 10 years ago with 500 limited characters. Twitter expanded additional characters but very, very limited.

Hello, this is my new account here in @Mastodon starting tonight.


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