Season of Autumn begins with the cold weather when the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. Cold season is like an adversity, but the Lord Jesus Christ will overcome every adversity through His death on the cross. The Holy Spirit gives you a warm comfort in times of cold and adversity.

Watch the previous videos of One Passion Ministries by Dr. Steven J. Lawson who taught the 5 Golden Chains of Salvation. He is the best expositor about the Book of Romans series.

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Peter Tanchi, a senior pastor at Christʼs Commission Fellowship, failed to teach Romans 8:29-30 that is all about the Golden Chains of Salvation. He is not a trusted Bible teacher. However, I am choosing the late Dr. R.C. Sproul, Dr. Steven Lawson, Dr. Derek Thomas, and more.

Cold season begins this fall through winter. We must be prepared against such illnesses. Take care and happy Sunday everyone in the United States of America and Canada!

It's written according to Colossians 3:19 (LSB): “Husbands, love your wives and do not be embittered against them.” I encourage women, if you are experiencing domestic violence by your monstrous husbands or boyfriends, must call to the authorities and seek counselling in your church for healing and recovery. Dear women, please, pray and discern to your husbands/boyfriends toward their erratic behaviour not to suffer such abusive or toxic relationships. It might be a red flag in your future, dear women.

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My empathy for the abused women and children is very strong. Husbands or boyfriends are behind that evil types of domestic abuse at home. I called those men are “monsters and predators” in their fiery homes to suffer their wives and children very miserable. Physical abuse for women and children is anti-Christ behavior and NOT LOVE.

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I watched the life story of Ms. Pia Hugo on Magpakailanman or . Pia was a victim of domestic violence including her children by an estranged husband. She was battered and crushed; however, she stood up for healing and forgiveness.

I haven't read the books of A plus and Networking plus from CompTia, because they are connected to Cisco Networking, IP Addressing, Routing, and Switching.

I woke up around 3 am today to study A+ from Professor Messerʼs official website.

My Instagram has been hacked by scammers and phishers for many weeks. I ask the Meta Corporation (the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram) to fight against hackers and scammers in your company. This is the war against cyber hacking because hacking is a criminal and hackers must be prosecuted to the rule of law in their country. I call the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States and the Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) in Canada to wage war against cyber hacking! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

What went wrong with Americans on choosing Trump Republican Party? Because the Republicans will win in the House as majority, America will lose the entire democracy. I pray to vote out against the lunacy party of Trump.

Lord Jesus, please heal me due to my excruciating pain I feel.

Only the Lord Jesus Christ can fix the broken church in this broken world. He will redeem you through His death on the cross by shedding His blood. Your sins will be imputed because you will receive His righteousness that God will declare righteous and become His children in His Kingdom, forever!

I missed going back to Manila, Philippines, my beloved home. The last I returned was in January 2017, eleven months before I took oath as a Canadian citizen.

In : Roman Catholic priests gives only a wafer, but he eats a huge wafer and drinks the wine at the altar. However, Christians receive both body and blood of Christ as a complete meal every first Sunday of the month. Pastors teach and explain the bread and wine that represent Christʼs body and blood! Thatʼs the meaning of the sacrament to receive both body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

My most memorable travel was in San Francisco, California. The summer weather there is very cool or breezy because the hills are very high and near in the Pacific Ocean. Further, the Golden Gate Bridge 🌉 which is the historical bridge in San Francisco is absolutely beautiful! However, twin peaks was foggy and so cold. I felt I was in the morgue! 😅😅

Trump never attended the G7 summit and other important meetings of the world leaders, because he spent playing golf during weekends.

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Disgraced ex-POTUS Donald Trump should never run again to the office in 2024! His attributes that he is “truly unfit” to run again are the following: liar, misogynist, racist, cheater, gaslighter, bully, moron, lazy, and war mongerer. Also, he supports wicked dictators around the globe like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, etc.

The family will visit San Francisco, California for my “22 + 22 = 44” starting today until Friday. Of course, we will pose the beautiful and historic Golden Gate 🌉 -- the beginning my 44th year and the birth of my Information Technology (IT) life in Canada. I AM ON MY WAY!

68% say POTUS Biden does not doing his job to lower the inflation. This is not Bidenʼs problem about inflation, it is all global! Don't blame leaders behind the painful inflation. It's all global!

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