A valedictory award compares to a diamond or precious gems or any luxurious items. It cannot buy at the retail stores or lend from someone else. Strong determination and steadfast faith are the golden keys to success, because you will receive that highest prize in your own lifetime from the Lord Almighty.

What went wrong with the app that keeps crashing and not uploading all photos and videos? This is b$llsh*t.

5) Finish all assignments and follow the significant deadlines;
6) If you have failed the quizzes or exams, you should focus your weak subject/s and study them all;
7) NO TO PLAGIARISM. Copying books or such materials without official citations is strictly prohibited. This is a BIG NO because you will be disqualified from school, because it is a MAJOR academic crime; and
8) Pray and have a steadfast faith with the Lord. Never forget to thank Him always.

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I have important recommendations for those who will be a future valedictorian or salutatorian both in Elementary and Secondary. Here are the following:

1) Focus on books, notes, papers, and all study materials;
2) Refrain from unnecessary activities such as playing online games or using electronic gadgets. Spend them all for weekends;
3) Do not cram, but be prepared and review before you will take the exams in the following days;
4) Do not cheat to your seatmates during major quizzes or exams. Never use cheat codes im your hands or piece of paper;

To the residents of Toronto who are my followers of Instagram: if you are willing to attend Graduation 🎓 Day at SCAS on the 29th of June, here is the address:

720 Midland Ave, Scarborough, ON M1K 4C9.

Thank you.

Obeying Godʼs Word is the key 🗝 for your true lifeʼs success. His Word is so powerful because it is “sharper than any two-edged sword,...” (Hebrews 4:12).

I love all my brethren at . I hope Wordcomm must expand all over the world in God's perfect time. Lord Jesus, You are the one to spread the gospel for the hungry souls!

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Folks, my membership application at the Word Community Church was denied. The head pastor told me that I must find a church will grow and support me. My sorrows grow deep.

I have no comment on the SCOTUSʼ overturning ROE vs. WADE as of this moment. I will write here at Mastodon to balance the most significant issues.

A crab mentalist invents his/her big lies to fabricate the truth and attacks successful person who is in the top position or the highest peak of career, business, etc. That mentalist is psychologically awful!

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Crab mentality is not a Christian behavior, but demonic, deadly behavior. Instead to encourage or uplift people, he or she pulls them down to the bottomless pit due to strong favoritism.

A leader of the nation listens to the advisers through daily briefings. For Trump, he refused to listen to his advisers what is right for the country. Also, he ignored the contingency playbook (in case of outbreaks, pandemics, etc) which was written by the Former President Barack Obama and Former Vice-President Joe Biden. Hence, Trump is imbecilic and incompetent because he's unfit to lead the nation. This is a BIG NO TO TRUMP ON 2024!

Trump's gibberish words are inoculated in his mind what to write and attack through social media. He does not act as a president, but he is like a petulant child.

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I am praying for Texas to vote a new governor. People of Texas must wake up from the old, corrupt system of leadership.

Trumpʼs words are used through his own social media such as “rigged”, “witch hunt”, “kangaroo court”, etc. In fact, he preposterously gaslighted and manipulated innocent Americans. Wherefore, this is a sign of Trump's fascism.

GOP members must choose new leader better than Donald J. Trump. Trump is the kingmaker of all troubles in the United States of America. He grifted people that he instigated and insisted them to “stop the steal”, and de-certify Joe Biden who really won the 2020 election. Trump pressured DOJ officials.

Today is June 23 and it is 29 days to go before my 44th birthday.

“Graduation is the gateway to celebrate victory that we passed all difficult levels and overcame all challenges. As the school year 2021-2022 culminates, we are leaving the SCAS with a happy memory of our meaningful success. However, learning does not stop here at
SCAS because it is a continuous flow of life that will apply to studying at the higher institutions and working in our future jobs.”

- Excerpt from My Valedictorian Speech.

The Jan 6 Select Committee finds Trump threatens election officials in Georgia and Arizona.

Every lifeʼs journey fails from the start, because there is no perfect person in this world. Failure is the beginning to correct each mistake or weakness. Begin to focus your mistakes and weaknesses, and ask God how to overcome them. Also talk to your human mentors whether in schools or jobs or churches. Accept every feedback, then learn to improve it. You will achieve true success 'til the end.

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