TESTED: We send a series of bomb threats using our favorite VPN & email providers to verify their privacy claims

oh yeah deactivating twibber disconnected the crossposter uh too bad

also if you had me on insta don’t try to get me there it’s deactivated bye

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gonna leave this up until tomorrow so more mutuals can see ig

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yeah fuck it add me on discord if you wanna talk or something qwer#1496

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actually I’m doing completely other stuff for half of the day so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do it now tbh

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i should deactivate for like a week at some point and learn to spend time doing other stuff than mindlessly scrolling through my feed

russia and ukraine reuniting are you fucking stupid

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I just learned from a very credible source in Ukraine that there is a very high possibility of a USSR 2 being created in the next 5 YEARS. At least Russia+ Ukraine. This is HUGE.
And no this is not a shitpost, I'm serious

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Dying in a head on collision because I had to tweet “Pokémon Gay & Straight” while driving

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didn’t you use code completely ignoring licenses under “fair use” because it was used as ai training data and not as code directly

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Developers should have help defending their rights under copyright law. That’s why we’re partnering with @[email protected] to provide free legal advice for developers confronted with DMCA 1201 takedowns. github.blog/2021-07-27-github-

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