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Remember when you hear all these stories of crunch, layoffs, rushed games, stagnant franchises, and predatory gambling mechanics that your $70 doesn't pay the people who make your games, it goes into the pockets of useless executives who couldn't care less. twitter.com/IGN/status/1407352

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Category: Annoying people who don't seem to do anything except turn up on TV 'lists' programmes spouting off about shite

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i dont want to have coherent thoughts anymore i just want to be a cat

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wait, you’re telling me you got SUSpended and I should retweet for mutuals? sounds like an impostor to me

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i'm gonna make a law that makes crime illegal so i can do double the crime

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I’m still in shock how did they make link botw even hotter

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Nizar was alive 22 hours ago talking about the importance of the Palestinian resistance in Beita town in the West Bank!

Nizar was killed last night, but his message won't die.

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i understand what this endpoint security ad is alluding to but in my head i cant stop thinking of your printer pulling a knife on you if you try to print double sided

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Straight aim. Gay heroes.

Sean Hayes, Wanda Sykes, Gary Cole, Patti Harrison, Matt Rogers, David Harbour and Laurie Metcalf are Q-FORCE. Coming to Netflix September 2.

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WINDOWS 11 IS SO Fast. it is so damn fast


Youre gong to have to deal with this

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cleaning out my desktop and found this absolutely heinous post from a group chat last year

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