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all guys named rich look the same it’s crazy

having the least fun ever facing overleveled mk witch or wizard every single match

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❎ your post has been deemed bad for the trout population, please delete it

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babe.. your posts are so good for the trout population

its fucking crazy they couldnt just call a charcter a bomb HOW DID BOB-OMB PASS

did they figure out a non hacky long term way to get gpay on a custom rom or not.wanna be a pixel transgirl

just realized fifa games have a community and its not just a joke with 40 y/o men

cant wait for minecraft sex mod releasing october 22nd

need to get my paws on a steamdeck mr gabe valve plz ship

need to get some cool backpack and spend all my money on pins

@maia set some counter on profiles to funny numbers

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