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dog bit through my xbox 360 cable sad day for women

football fans outside shut the fuck up challenge

skad fundacja kurwice ma pieniadze na te wszystkie bilboardy

thirty something degrees all day and now a thunderstorm 😭

tis the season wish someone gave me a very cold hug rn

just got reminded french people exist dhmu 😿

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trans people and enbies are hotter all around.
I'm sorry, that's just how it works. I don't make the rules

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>smash bros MELEE
>top tier has a range attack

boy who goes yippee and girl who goes LETS GOO

oh splatoon players are dealing with proper cheaters now lol gl

ratio + not buying that gaming case + you fell off + get better tech tips

"supreme" court? wheres the gucci court?

cohosters making image posts as html just because they can is so funny

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someone at misskey hq is currently nervously looking at cohost and trying to immediately add all the cursed features
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why is it called webassembly when you of in the text code of out binary run the code

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I fundamentally believe that computers should help as many people as possible do as much as possible, and the way to achieve that isn't by hiding what computers are doing; it's by making what computers are doing understandable and manipulable by users.

Computers should do what their users tell them to. No more, and no less.

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