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shoutout to the guy who invented gay sex

moving domain blocklists from dnscrypt-proxy
( blocks * to pi-hole ( blocks only, but has regex filter too)


wish search engines werent garbage so i could just find the blog post of someone who solved this already

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how do people get pihole to be a meaningful blocker without wildcards in filterlists

mind you he ran hog 2.6 but with valk added in cuz hes too dumb to defend without it even with the advantage

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my guy challenger 1 maxed deck beat my lvl 11/12, bmed then joined my clan and sent the replay what a loser

new szn remember to use code balls when buying pass royale

the lgtv community has forgiven da baby for pushing the webOS update before it was ready‼️😳

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why is the way this is phrased fucking hilarious to me?

girls love to check their email whenever the cohost twitter updates

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dead chat or new group chat without you? in this video essay i will

need to stop sitting wirh my legs crossed my balls are too big

custom voice assistant where meowing is the invocation command

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