Right now our society is a consumption society ( We consume everything in excess. Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
- Why is there so much advertising around? It's like we don't fall for it?
- Why are there all kinds of sales and "eternal" discounts?
- Why a new iPhone model comes out every year, although it is almost the same as the previous one?
- Why aren't some people willing to pay for a brand? What is the difference between Levis jeans and jeans made by some unknown company?
- Why are things less and less reliable and harder to repair? Is this the price of progress?

As strange as it may seem the consumer society has a good side: it stimulates the economy.

But the downsides, as far as I am concerned, are greater:
1. The eternal pursuit of even higher wages. To buy more expensive things.
2. Now people are not valued for their personal qualities, now they look at what you are wearing and what phone you use. A prime example is Instagram*, TikTok and other social networks. How many people don't post pretty, glossy pictures there, but their real lives?

* - recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation.

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@lcomrade You are right! Also to keep feeding the unsustainable consumption machine we destroy our environment and resort to insane slave labour both for mining excess amounts of rate earth materials, as well as in sweatshop factories that have such horrid and inhumane conditions that they have to put suicide nets in their buildings.

There is no silver bullet to reduce that consumption, only a silver buckshot that involves legislation of right to repair so our devices will stay useful for longer, as well as supporting FOSS projects like Lineage OS to allow us to use our devices for longer. Increasing awareness to the issue as you have done in this post and campaigns.

I think a huge quality of life change for me was when I started using adblockers and PiHole. Ads caused me to subconsciously want to consume more things without me even realising (even things not related to the ads I was viewing). Though I do feel bad for not supporting content creators online by not viewing ads, the benefits to both my mental health and to the world outweigh the harm.

@VictorMachine I don't visit Mastodon very often, so I only read your answer now:) You are very correct in pointing out that the problem needs to be dealt with:
1. by informing people.
2. by taking power away from the corporations who manipulate us.

By the way, content creators can be supported simply by donating to them, if you have free money of course.

@lcomrade No problems, I also don't use notifications for social media, so I don't always respond quickly either.

Informing people is the easy part, but taking power from corporations requires passing bills, which can take years of lobbying (it eventually works, like what happened recently with the right to repair bill passing in NY). We need to be stubborn and patient, no matter how many times we fail.

I also write to local politicians about different topics, this does help and it is much easier to reach them than national level politicians as each voter matters a lot more for them.
If you or one of your friends is good at graphic design, you can make an informatics page which would do a better job at explaining and persuading someone (as most people won't bother reading a multi-page letter).
I even managed to get one of the local politicians to call me to ask follow up questions (I always put my personal phone number and tell them that they can call me at any reasonable hour and I'll be happy to answer any questions) and they changed their stand and pushed for that policy change.

And about donating to creators, the problem is that there are so many creators on different platforms, and I consume content from a very wide and diverse channels and topics, so it becomes impractical (if you want to donate smaller amounts to a larger number of creators, the transaction fees are higher (percentage) and the creators get even less.
I don't want to use YouTube premium because I don't want to give Google a big cut and help increase their already massive power even more. Nebula is a platform I am playing for, but there aren't that many creators on that platform, and I am not going to subscribe to multiple streaming services because it is redundant.

Sorry for the novel...

1. The more people are aware of the problem, the greater the resonance, the more likely the project will be accepted.

2. By the way, the page is a good idea. In fact, there are already such pages about DRM, the possibility of self-repair, free software and much more. They are produced by and on a regular basis, and they also have mailing lists.

3. By the way, it would be cool if you wrote to Mastodon about how you're changing the minds of local politicians.

4. I don't know I personally don't watch that many content creators. Moreover, you can translate not a small amount every month, and a large one every six months.
And also in my country will soon begin to work in full force the System of Fast Payments. It allows you to transfer quite a substantial amount per month without a commission fee. However, I don't know any content creator who accepts donations through it yet.

5. About Nebula. It looks like a good idea. But it's not OpenSource and uses Amazone servers.

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