I am beginning to think more and more that the justice system has an implicit but serious flaw. It does not work the same for everyone. But in today's world, the law is the same for everyone, the careful reader will tell you. What then do I see as the problem?

First. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers and other participants in the process are human beings, so it is inherent to them as to all people to make mistakes. There have been cases when an innocent person has been shot by mistake.

Second. There is some variation in the verdicts. This is not malicious intent, but simply human error. Incidentally, this variation becomes greater if the decision is made by a jury.

Third. Not everyone has the money for a good lawyer. State-provided attorneys (public defenders) are generally less qualified than paid attorneys.

Fourth. The three branches of government are supposed to be separated so that they do not influence each other. I will say nothing about my own country - Russia - here the principle "the law has no retroactive force" is regularly violated, and the laws themselves are so "hypocritical" that anyone can be prosecuted ("It takes a person, and you can find an article"). But in the USA, the bastion of democracy, all laws must be obeyed, right? No, very telling with Julian Assange, the USA did not investigate its own war crimes, which Assange brought to light, they just wanted to jail the activist.

Perhaps in the bright future, the judge should be an artificial intelligence, independent of anyone. That said, you can't give the AI executive power, because if it fails, it will lead to disaster.

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@lcomrade Here we shuold understand that judical system is not made to disorganize people or something like that, it is just a complex system, as it determines all aspects in our life in a structured way. And yes, it seems to be written not in a simple way, but actually the system uses specific terms that has strict connotations, that is why we need to pay attnetion to every word in laws, because they are not written to make the text easyer or harder to read and understand, but to specify this word's meanings

@Blaze_Pol "the judical system is not made to disorganize people" - I completely agree with you. That's why I pointed out four shortcomings.

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