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Hello friends!
I'm migrating to @[email protected]. Go follow me there if you want :D

Hello friends!
I'm migrating to @[email protected]. Go follow me there if you want :D

"The best USB-A to USB-A cables are the ones that you make yourself"

Today I was receiving a lot of unrequested SMS OTPs from Libero, the email provider of one of my accounts.
So after a bit of digging I found that an account on a sketchy quizs site with that email, which I had registred years ago and forgot about, was compromised in a recent data breach, and yes, they were storing plaintext passwords.

At least it gives me one more reason to start using randomly generated passwords stored on BitWarden.
But for christ's sake, storing plaintext passwords is a joke. It has absolutely no sense, when with just a few lines you can encrypt the password client side so it isn't even readable by the server.
I'm actually wondering if it's a WhatsApp-style data leak.

never ask a

woman about her age
man about his salary
computer person what the old laptop with the lid half-open plugged into the charger 24/7 is for

Practice makes perfect... I guess?
I need to get better at soldering. But for now I'm satisfied I don't have to throw the cable in the bin, it's a nice one.

In the midst of #Apple announcing its new products, attention is drawn away from its ongoing battle to maintain its subjugation over users globally.

@codeberg's new hosted CI looks fire! I got early access to it and I'm still fiddling around, but I'm so glad now people won't have any excuse to leave GitHub :>

And who said that what they teach in school is useless?
This alarm clock's buzzer broke, so I changed it with a spare speaker I had. But that was too loud, and I had no resistors to use, so I made a DIY one with a cup of water and some salt for tuning.

WhatsApp is offline, that means there's no better time to recommend @session: decentralized, end to end encrypted, sybil resistant, and super easy to use messaging platform.

[UPDATE 2] Yesterday I gave the PC to my sister. It has Office 2016 installed (I managed to get it using PlayOnLinux following a tutorial made by some random guy on StackExchange many moons ago), and it works surprisingly well.
She hasn't used it yet but I think it can work.

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[UPDATE] WindowsFX 11 is up and running, I'v also disguised Chromium as normal Chrome and renamed all KDE apps to standard names like "File Manager", "Calculator" etc so they blend in more.
Now I'm installing a ~pirated~ version of M$ Office, I'll probably go with 2007 or 2010.

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I will try installing LinuxFX on my sister's new SSD. She's the average Windows user that uses the OS just for web browsing and Office work.
Gonna see how much time it takes for her to notice. Wish me luck bros.

After the last crash on XFCE that made me lost thoughts flow when I was fixing a bug, I decided to try again using Gnome.

I really dislike how Gnome looks by default, but with Zorin theme and icons it's acceptable now.
I also have enabled several cool extensions (after troubles getting extensions to work alltoghether because they would just turn off from the browser extentions manager without errors, later I would discover they were disabled system-wide).
I mostly like the Arch Updates extention ;)

Also Wayland is kind of weird, it's my first time using it and it annoys me how I can't get full screen captures on OBS.

For now I'm quite content and I will keep using Gnome for some time. But I do wish it was more customizable without enabling a gazillion extensions.

What I think we need to make the Fediverse a viable alternative to proprietary platforms is SEO.

Let's say I recorded a video on how to solve a very specific issue on Linux. If I publish it on a random Peertube instance, it's guaranteed it will almost never get to the top results.

You can try this yourself by searching for Luke Smith (the linux YouTuber) on your favorite search engine. What you'll see is his website, and then his YouTube page.
What you won't find is his Peertube instance or Odysee profile.

This is partially because search engines like Google want to push their own service and keep people away from the Fediverse, but without a proper way to circumvent this issue, we're doomed to a future where people will forever upload on proprietary platforms to get traffic, and perhaps on some random instance for tech-savy the people that already follow them.

I hope what I'm saying makes sense - tagging @peertube and @lbry

Today I had some free time so I made @CreateGIFsBot (, a bot to create GIFs from a series of images that produces 256 colors GIFs.
Let me know what you think of it in the comments :P
Source code:

Xonotic is one of my favorite FPS games. I suck at it, but it's FOSS and it's fun! I recommend you try it.

If you're on a big instance with lots of members, you might want to consider moving to a smaller instance.

Smaller instances can give members personal attention, as the admin has more time to deal with messages and feedback. They also tend to have more interesting local timelines if you pick an instance that matches a favourite topic.

Using smaller instances also protects the Fediverse from nasty people or companies, because a spread-out Fediverse is much harder to hack or buy.


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