Residents of a Puerto Rico town devastated by Fiona are distressed over exclusion from FEMA individual assistance

Canada braces for ‘extreme event’ as Fiona brings heavy rain and strong winds

Street protests in Iran over death of Mahsa Amini rattle Iranian Americans

‘It’s been a perfect journey’: Roger Federer ends tennis career alongside Rafael Nadal

Puerto Ricans face lack of power and electricity six days after Hurricane Fiona

Ukrainian ballet company sharing message of peace worldwide

Hurricane Fiona targeting Canada after battering Bermuda

Death of Iranian woman arrested over dress code violation sparks protests

Environmental activists targeted for attempting to stop illegal gold mining in Peru

Scores of migrants feared drowned after boat sinks off Syria

Russian occupied regions of Ukraine hold controversial votes as Kremlin dismisses reports of men fleeing military service

Women defy Iran’s morality police after young woman’s death

Kremlin-orchestrated voting underway in Ukraine in “referendums” on joining Russia

Voting in Russian occupied Ukraine, called a sham by the West

Amal Clooney reminds world leaders not to be 'numb' to war crimes in Ukraine

Ukraine's Zelenskyy says partial mobilization brings war into 'every Russian home'

'Fat Leonard' recaptured in Venezuela after escaping house arrest

New protests after Russia announces plans to draft 300,000 soldiers for war in Ukraine

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