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beware of following me
i often react badly to things, it's best to not be near me or my thoughts.

that said can you teach me how to human

i almost burned myself lmao that was scaryyyyy

i am barely holding on to my deadlines

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only gave manjaro 32gb and the rest of the 96GB to windows

installed win10 instead of win11 because win10 uses less resources

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realized that i don't really have that much programs to reinstall for windows. most of my activity is using the browser. most of my files are already synced via syncthing

just trying to remember if i have some other important stuff that i should backup

trying to compare Vivo's stock camera app with OpenCamera

one is OpenCamera's NR mode, one is the stock app's normal shot

i think the stock app's normal shot has better noise reduction algo compared to opencamera's NR mode, or even the STD mode's noise algo (not shown)

money can fix things.

i used a coin and pasted it between the tablet's copper heatsink and the aluminum chassis.

my temps went down from 60 idle to 38 idle

there was a breach in Philippine's COMELEC data center. I heard nothing regarding this issue after a week or so.

i want to leave this country.

i notice a lot of russians and germans are using this platform.

kis-a gapanumdom ko kung may mga tawo na parehos man sa akon ginhalinan?

my dependency for affection and attention, when not satisfied, leaves my crawling and grabbing anyone who has even a very possibility of being interested.

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i found my guilty pleasure

i'm reporting every scam, MLM, and inaccurate/unreasonable pricing on facebook marketplace.

it's satisfying to see their posts taken down.

once again, i am beginning to decline to insanity

now, nothing is holding me back

i pray for the poor souls i might ruin

i'll draw anything with all i can for $1

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can't upload images on desktop browser

if i was a virus i would want to spread faster than ever while keeping myself in existence and not die with my host.

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