Finished drafting Chapter 1 of HTMLite discussing how to successfully parse most HTML files. Using html-conduit, which serves as Rhapsode's HTML parser, as my reference. Preceded with verbage pointing to XML or potentially KDL as alternate syntaxes.

Left a few TBDs mostly needing to source referenced standards like Unicode.

The rest will basically list the intended meaning of all the different attributes and elements. Is MDN creative commons?


I slashed the size by referring to a large bulk of WHATWG's spec as "undefined behaviour" which is rarely relevant.

When I define <script> (which html-conduit suggests I do need to specify special parsing rules for) I will say that browsers which support it should support the full WHATWG spec. So that should further slash the size of my spec not needing to specify a JS API...

Oh, and I made sure to include EBNF to aid implementation... I always appreciate seeing that in a spec!


@alcinnz please please, no more "undefined behaviour". we have endured enough of it, we don't want to go through such pain anymore. thank you. :P

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