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oh damn i realized i haven't posted anything in a long time -w-

- do you like music?
- do you like breathing?

this is probably the most high effort video of all time. epilepsy warning

if fm radio is free, internet access should be too

i'm glad that i hadn't had to work before i died. oof. because it looks like a nuclear war

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imagine lying on your deathbed and thinking "i wish i had worked more"

how do i become more prolific? i'm barely active on any media. it's almost like i have nothing to say

i wrote a little game. the objective is to select all letters in alphabetical order from a to Z (case sensitive)

is anybody up for a ? send me a dm. i'm bored out of my mind

i think that patriotism is the root of all evil. patriotism is wrong because all humans have a common goal. what goal? it doesn't matter. it could be colonization of mars, or it could be omnicide. what matters is that some people bring us closer to the goal, and some distance us from it. patriots are the latter group. doesn't matter patriots of what country

is twitter down for everyone or just me?

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What fedi software are you using right now?

:boost_rainbow: for larger audience pls

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