I need more friends. Like real life friends. How does one do that?

Take it from their cold, dead hands, just like they asked us to.

why are you already awake? go back to bed, hush.

pornhub should collaborate with tinder to make people find partners with compatible interests

yes, I know this is a bad idea. I am joking.

That moment when you watch really weird porn you just clicked on because it seemed so weird and instantly know: I want this. -.-

I feel like I am actually better at chess while I am shitting.

the fascinating thing about (or one of them^^) is that it is an somehow established method to turn sexuality or communication in general into a mind altering experience that's supposed to modify ones state of consciousness, just like raves, mediation or religious ceremony's

is there already such a thing as life time subscriptions to musicians?

Like, fuck labels and stuff if I like your Music I just give you like a 100 bucks in cash and my number and you just send me everything you record for the rest of your life, like a flat rate.

I feel like refusing to write / answer in German is a pretty effective way to avoid having to deal with those Germans who are the reason why I want to leave Germany in the first place. That's a good strategy.

Migration is a natural human need and prohibiting it is a crime against humanity, you are just a nationalist.

sometimes I think that Germany is not too bad and maybe I do not need to leave, but than I remember how our police protected the NSU murderers and holy shit this is not reform able, I need to flee. There is not other way.

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i just don't want to think about this stuff any more, I just want to move to a place where I don't have to be afraid of my life all the time.

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if i got a dollar for every video of police committing violent crimes in my timeline i would be able to pay my attorney to follow me around 24/7

ok, I was sober long enough today. Time to smooth away the pain of existence.

Like, just get as high as I would usually but not burn any weed, just vape it and maybe make a cake or stuff. I think that's appropriate role model behavior.

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So, I am a weed-addict. And I am going to a place where weed is legal for vacation - but with a younger relative who looks up at me and for whom I want to be some kind of Idol.

Not sure how I am going to handle this.

I think I am gonna do a compromise where I just don't smoke.

I think i want to do truffles again when I have the chance to do this legally. that's my vacation plan: tripping without fear of cops.

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