Why is it so much more difficult to articulate a romantic interest in someone than a sexual?

While lost in the state of depression it appears like the world doesn’t change. That’s unbearable because the world existing right now doesn’t have a room for people like me.

But it isn’t. The world is changing faster than ever before. Even faster than I can imagine. That’s good.

„But you don’t look autistic.“

„No I don’t. But you also don’t look like an asshole, yet you do behave like one. That’s the same thing.“

„Diets do not work because it’s a temporary change and temporary changes don’t have permanent effects.“

Scary but somehow beautiful
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@EvanKirstel People are asleep, if they die, they wake up🤲🏼

Healthy socializing is essentially optimization between loneliness and social anxiety. I want to learn how to find a balance between those emotions that makes me less depressed.

I am feeling a strong desire to be understood, and I am not sure if the desire for attention that can be fulfilled on social media is actually a sufficient substitute for that.

I want to think (and therefore write) more in English again. I have been so involved in the real life that my thoughts have been entirely German, but thinking in English often feels more productive. Maybe that’s because English has a higher entropy than German.

That feels good but it comes with the danger of being excluded from social groups for being myself and it’s Hard to find the Sweet-Spot between integrity and conformity enabling wealth.

This is just another optimization problem.

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since I can not find a group I want to be part of, maybe I have to found one.

Create a social network to fulfill my desires rather than applying to become part of one already existing.

Is it really a desirable goal to integrate all my identity’s into one?

Don’t drink and think.
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@LossFunxionLovr @ACryptberg Alcohol lowers resolution until people find a common level and the world looks uncomplicated, it’s one of the most boring drugs

Trading cryptocurrency is pretty similar to Poker. It is defined gambling. But it is a lot simpler than Poker and also the number of professional and semi-professional players is still a lot lower than in Poker, so it’s a lot easier do find less advanced players one can sufficiently often outplay to still make actual profit.

That is going to change sooner or later.

I should try that again.
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stuff i want to do on a daily basis:

talking a walk
eat a real meal
loose a game of chess
put on a fresh shirt and underwear

there are more things but i dont want to overreach and fail again.

Broke: “Wear a (metaphorical) mask” to hide that you’re autistic
Woke: “Wear an actual mask” because it’s still a fucking pandemic

I grew up in the illusion that the methodology of science was widely accepted. It’s not. What’s actually widely accepted is the authority of scientists who manage to succeed in the academic system. But that’s something entirely different.

I want to do science communication. I used to think I want to do science because I considered that to be the most useful thing I could do for humanity, but by now I think doing science without appropriately communicating it tobte public is not very useful. It produces new knowledge and that is good but it also comes with the risk of that knowledge getting lost again.

What I learned the hard way: Telling neurodiverse people their self diagnosis was not valid is ableist gaslighting.

Apparently many people (even diagnosed neurodiverse ones) on this platform disagree and I feel the urge to tell them: You are causing suicides. Fuck you.

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