Yet again, the immaculate boringness of military history buffs is providing me with easy access to information I need for this battle scene

It turns out that "Greek fire" was a Byzantine state secret that we still don't totally understand, and the incendiary weapons used by other armies were not technically "Greek fire," but people kept coming up with different kinds of medieval napalm because people are assholes

@alpine_thistle Are you still in the Old Guard fandom? This is making me imagine Andy as an operator

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@withquieteyes yes! I'm working on a Nicky-centric First Crusade fic right now, which is why I'm researching this. The Fatimid forces didn't technically use "Greek fire" but they did use incendiary weapons, so I'm trying to figure out what they would have been made out of

@alpine_thistle OOH! I can't wait, I actually went looking for your profile earlier and you're very funny

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