sooooo... plans for next thing i'll sew! a linen top! i got cute striped linen and i have a top that i can trace.
it is funny, how all this time i was just "yep. i made a thing. i'm a bud of a seamstress" but doing nothing. as if i needed time to recover. well, i was in a rush, indeed, but i didn't feel pressured. i had a plan B, lol. kinda same thing with cooking. like, ok, i spend whole day making this elaborate meal. let's eat buckwheat for the rest of the week.

lol, abort mission. i can't see drawn lines on this fabric. i need colour chalk. and maybe new scissors. these ones feel uncomfortable in my hand. oh, and that little sharp cutting thingy which correct name i don't know even in Russian.

@syzygy The rolling thingy or the pointy thing for ripping threads?

@withquieteyes no, the one that looks like a hybrid between tweezers and scissors

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