I put Arch+Cinnamon on the desktop, but didn't really have time to play much on it.

I did test like 10 minutes of Sekiro though. Which ran very well once the shader stutter stopped

@quad I ran Arch for a while but then I tried Plasma and now I like it too much to switch to anything else

@withquieteyes I'd use KDE if wayland and scaling weren't so jank.
@withquieteyes but mostly scaling. annoyingly, if i have it running on a 4K screen with 2x scaling, any game is limited to 1920x1080. and when you set it to 2x scale, everything just dosen't scale. you need to set an environment variable for most of KDE itself to scale as well. even then you're lucky if for example the mouse cursor and its sensitivity scales accordingly

i prefer Cinnamon but I'm basically using Gnome only for Wayland

@quad now that you mention it, I had trouble with scaling in the other direction as well when I was using an old secondhand monitor! I primarily just work off my laptop screen, so it was never a big issue for me, though - I just like the GUI and theme options

@withquieteyes Both my laptops (ThinkPad T480 and Surface Pro 7) have HiDPI screens, and my desktop is connected to a 4K TV, so decent scaling is a must for me.

KDE is really bad at it from my experience. DEs like Cinnamon or even MATE tend to handle it better. Gnome does is very well, and also seems to have a more functional Wayland implementation, which eliminates common Linux issues like tearing or microstuttering

@quad we have the same laptop! And that makes sense, when you're using it regularly the weird scaling would definitely get annoying

@withquieteyes Yes, I have a T480 with the 1440p display.

It's even harder really because I need fractional scaling. Which only Cinnamon and Gnome handles, still problematic if I try to use the Nvidia GPU.
1x is unreadable
2x makes everything too huge

@quad I'll give Gnome a try when I eventually get a second monitor, then! I'm going to eventually need one for work, so it's good to know about scaling issues ahead of time

@withquieteyes I recommend you install Dash to Panel for Gnome, it's what gives it a more typical panel.

But yes, scaling and wayland are the main reasons I'm on Gnome. I'm hoping Cinnamon adds Wayland at some point, or that KDE fixes up their scaling and wayland support

@quad *takes extensive notes* out of curiousity, can you change the colors too? (for reference, this is what my desktop looks like right now - I like purple a bit too much)

@withquieteyes well yes, i'm not running the default colors.

Extensions like Dash to Panel also let you just set the colors you want for most things.

The rest of the system will follow your GTK theme.

Gnome isn't too customizable on it's own, but extensions tend to make up for that
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