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@lain vile lies! Utter slander! How dare you impugn the mildly underrated French language by associating it with the miserable Frenchmen! (But in all seriousness, yeah that's fair)

@quad I'll give Gnome a try when I eventually get a second monitor, then! I'm going to eventually need one for work, so it's good to know about scaling issues ahead of time

@quad we have the same laptop! And that makes sense, when you're using it regularly the weird scaling would definitely get annoying

@quad now that you mention it, I had trouble with scaling in the other direction as well when I was using an old secondhand monitor! I primarily just work off my laptop screen, so it was never a big issue for me, though - I just like the GUI and theme options

@quad I ran Arch for a while but then I tried Plasma and now I like it too much to switch to anything else

My local public library is open again! In other news, I have no self-restraint around books.


#ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #WeAreFucked

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June 2021 was the hottest on record for the Northern Hemisphere.

In fact, 2019, 2020 and 2021 are the three hottest Junes on record for the Northern Hemisphere.

Data: @[email protected]

@squishysloth the off-the-shoulder one would look so good with a choker necklace and big black boots

@erbmaster time for crab
also i like the rider's expression - "Yeah I'm riding a giant CRAB, you <i>wish</i> you were as cool as me"

@jen I just got here so yellow, definitely, but I'm kind of vibing with it

@alpine_thistle OOH! I can't wait, I actually went looking for your profile earlier and you're very funny

@AShiOu As do I, but I don't have any yet. I want an ancient god in a mortal body to purr at me

@syzygy The rolling thingy or the pointy thing for ripping threads?

@alpine_thistle Are you still in the Old Guard fandom? This is making me imagine Andy as an operator

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