@jen kinda smelly and much kickier than their soft faces would suggest, but otherwise quite excellent and are willing to be petted

@jen and one between the legs so they don't go sticky

M so sleepy and my head hurts. Why did I tell myself I'd work today
Vaccine yesterday and I felt fine after but I woke up this morning and just nope, back to bed right now

Just realized that I went for my second vaccine shot dressed as the ace flag, which is cute albeit not quite the message my thirsty single ass wants to send

@neil @penguin42 I managed not to put any on, but I spent most of it trying to lose weight and I couldn't.

@AgathaSorceress for me it's the noise right by my ears but I can't bear them either

I want to make one of these so very badly but I don't have the equipment to do it yet (I'm basically just posting so I can put this in a list)

DreamIsY Lamp Attic and it is stupidly charming

@lyresdictionary in French we have a book called a Bescherelle that's literally just all the ways to conjugate verbs, and every schoolchild has to have one

RT @[email protected]

Per the WHO and common sense: The longer people around the world remain unvaccinated, the higher the risk of a more dangerous variant emerging. You may think your vaccination status is a “personal choice”, but it affects the safety of everyone. Do the right thing. Get your shot.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/SethMacFarlane/sta

kinda vent 

@AgathaSorceress same! "what? But you're crying over nothing!"
Yes dipshit that's why I ran away when I started crying, because I knew you'd be a jerk about it

gamma knife 

@annieversary what's a gamma knife gamma knife, gamma knife? Is it nice, the gamma knife?

Shared pain, I did English paper piecing recently and my fingers were all red

@Elisa @elise @AgathaSorceress This was semi-historical wasn't it? Like someone in the early net days figured it would use less space and be easier to remember for everyone to have unique, immutable usernames, and then sort of by tradition of design it stayed that way (I heard it from a databases prof but idk if it's actually true)

Anyone else ever get hit by a gigantic wave of body consciousness and the inability to wear your favourite clothes because your grandmother said they made you look even bigger and pregnant?
And then have that wave come back at random times, leaving you unable to wear anything except the one outfit that doesn't invite comment from her?
Yeah, me neither.

@quad *takes extensive notes* out of curiousity, can you change the colors too? (for reference, this is what my desktop looks like right now - I like purple a bit too much)

Please look at my English paper piecing and applique I'm very pleased with it. I made a bookshelf!
Also, do we do tags here?
apparently we do

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